[PAID][ESX] BIT PauseMenu – Releases

Differentiate yourself from the rest of the servers with this pause menu, with multiple utilities.

1655132405 641 PAIDESX BIT PauseMenu Releases

  • You can show upcoming events
  • Access to the map
  • It shows the name, job, money, bank, phone and iban of the user.
  • Access to reports
  • Access to two url’s (e.g. discord and tebex store)
  • Access to inventory
  • Access to configuration
  • If you have BIT battlepass you will also have direct access from this menu, otherwise the logo of your server will be shown.

Fully customizable aesthetically from the configuration.
Full responsive design

1655132406 103 PAIDESX BIT PauseMenu Releases

1655132407 6 PAIDESX BIT PauseMenu Releases



More scripts:
-Donator/Coins System
-Weapon Shop
-Clothing Shop
-Car Radio

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +400
Requirements ESX
Support Yes

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Grand RP is calling and wants their ESC menu back…:grimacing:

of course, I based my design on grandrp’s design, they have some very nice designs.
But those scripts are not available for ESX since the server is Rage, so some of them i try to bring them to ESX making all the code from 0 but with an aesthetic as similar as possible.

How does the shop works? How can I put the premium cars there what they can buy with premium coins?

the SHOP button and EARN MONEY are two links that open, for example if you have a tebex store and the other one you can change the EARN MONEY for discord for example, or whatever you want.

It would make much more sense if you at least give an option to link Shop button with your donator system script.

if you have purchased it, open a ticket and we can modify it without any problem :wink:

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-esx-bit-pausemenu/4864695

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