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Description about UX_Roulette:

UX_Roulette represents one of the most liked gambling games in the world on your FiveM-Server in which a player can bet on numbers, colors, columns, dozens and odd and even. After the player had placed all bets he can start the spin and the wheel starts to rotate. After a few seconds the wheel stops and a sticky arrow shows the final outcome number which decides what the player have won.

Features of UX_Roulette:

  • Fully customizable Roulette script
  • Fancy and clean implemented UI design
  • Added own RTP (Return to Player Amount) system
    ==> Normally, roulette has a return to player (RTP) value of 97.3%. This means that in average the player gets 97.3% of his bet returned when he plays a round of roulette, so in average he loses by a bit. We implemented a feature which allows you to lower the RTP value, so you can customize how much loss a player makes in average. It works by calculating a probability based on the RTP value configured in the config file where a number occurs the player has not betted on. For Example: If you configure the value in the config file down to 90%, the player will lose more money in average. We recommend to not exaggerate with this, as too low values might get the game to not make fun anymore.
  • Custom Roulette Dealer Peds
  • Own notification system is included for better performance (nevertheless you are able to integrate your notification)
  • Many options to customize (get an overview in our documentation about Roulette)

Get an insight on YouTube

Link to the resource
Get UX_Roulette here

UX_Roulette Documentation
UX_Roulette Docs

Concluding Information
In the future we will add features like:

  • Unique Roulette Table Model to take a seat with other players.
  • Synchronized spins which start automatically via timer to ensure multiplayer mode
  • A panel with a list of the other players and their bets and last wins. As a player you can decide to share this.
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No (optional)
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements ESX, QBCore
Support Yes


Does this has high resmon consumption? Last roulette script I tested had 20ms with 5 people playing haha

Nvm, just watched video and price… This is basically a .js with basic UI and a script to take or give money with notifications, for 50 euros… damn

we won’t increase the price in the future which means that the features in the future are inlusive.
Above all this features would justify the price, but also in the current version it’s a fully customizable and unique Roulette script, but I took your comment and will keep it in mind.

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The average resmon consumption is at 0.02ms. When no players play it is at at 0.00ms
When 5 people play like in your example the resmon consumption should not increase linear.
It should not make a big difference if one player or 50 players play at the same time. (max. 0.07ms)

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-ux-roulette-roulette-resource-casino-game-fully-customizable-completely-ui-based/4885776

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