[PAID] The Vault Clothing Pack – Releases

Hey what’s going on guys?!

Back with another Release after quite some time!

The Pack includes

  • Mesh Dress
  • Bandana Top
  • Female Elegant Evening Outfit
  • Longsleeve Sweaters
  • Trapstar London Balaclava
  • Prada Tech Vest
  • Glorious Gangsta Puffer Vest
  • Palm Angels Shades Male/Female
  • Cropped Trapstar London Puffer Female
  • Oversized Hoodie
  • Memorial Tennis Chains Male/Female
  • Moncler x Fragment Puffer Jacket
  • Arc’Teryx Windbreaker
  • Makaveli Cross Cluster Tennis Chain

Quick Note:
In this Package, the Files are not renamed or anything.
Why? You may ask. Quite a simple reason.
Since the amount of Ressources on FiveM is now limited, i simply only forward the Files
so you can easily implement them into your already existing Package.

For a full Preview of the Pack check the Imgur Preview

You can purchase the Pack right here for $24.99 before Taxes.
or by visiting my Tebex Store.


hmmm you selling clothing when is free on gta 5 mods

You do realise this Necklace ain’t even included, right?

this necklace is in the image of your link “full previews of the pack” before your delete it :upside_down_face:
you could have just said it was a mistake instead of trying to lie like you do now :upside_down_face:

1658098804 95 PAID The Vault Clothing Pack Releases

Nah i agree the Image was in there, as i got all my previews in one Folder so i may missclicked while uploading and i thank you for pointing that out.
But it was never listed in the included items within the Post itself as well as on tebex, which are the ones that come with the Bundle.

Also when acting like that, you also could have pointed that mistake out in a less accusing way, especially since, as mentioned, the necklace was never listed in the post itself.

Please include the paid releases template which was added to the rules some time ago.

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-the-vault-clothing-pack/4882281

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