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Dynamic Fires is a highly configurable and immersive resource for your fivem roleplay server. It provides the opportunity for server owners to step up their roleplay experience by enabling dynamic fires caused by various events. By doing so, fires will begin to spawn when a fuel pump, vehicle or gas tank explodes. These fires are persistent and can be extinguished by your players or your server’s fire department. You can even configure the fire properties, such as how many children it may produce or how large the flames will be. This in particular helps to create a more authentic and alive atmosphere around your server and is good fun for everyone who likes a nice fire!


  • Realistic Fire Visuals
  • Dynamic Creation of Fires
  • Extinguishable by Players and Vehicles
  • Configurable Cause Types/Explosion Types
  • Built-In Dispatch System
  • Works with Pre-Existing Fire Scripts
  • Secured NetEvents & Server Spawning
  • Server wide Fire Sync
  • Configurable Fire Properties
  • Light on Performance

Commands & Permissions

/removeAllFires (command.removeAllFires)
/requestSync <id> (command.requestSync)

Runtime Performance

Client: 0.00-0.01 ms (when active)

Server: 0.00-0.03 ms





  • Onesync
  • FX Server 5181 or above

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~400
Requirements Listed above
Support Yes

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I have been looking for something like this! Nice release

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UPDATE 1.0.1

What did change?

→ Fixed a case of fire desync when a player would approach a fire
→ Minor code refactoring

Can we add a dispatch function if we use our own dispatch?

Yes that is 100% possible. You can simply edit/remove the dispatch logic in the dispatch.lua file and insert the trigger for your pre-existing dispatch system. Dispatches need to be enabled in the config file as well for this to work.

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-standalone-dynamic-fires/4882174

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