[PAID] [qbcore] qb-polmegaphone ( original GTA5 AI cop sounds while you’re driving a whitelisted cars. ) – Releases


Qb-polmegaphone allow players to shout original GTA5 AI cop sounds while you’re driving a whitelisted cars.
use F10 or /mp to open police mega phones while you are in a whitelisted police cars
this scriptfor qbcore only
cars and open menu key can be changed from config.lua
also included locales for translations


  • qb-core
  • qb-menu
  • interact-sound

buy here

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 150+
Requirements qbcore, qb-menu, interact-sound
Support Yes

So whats different in yours then the free one ?

this one is standalone and use NativeUi
and qb-polmegaphone can be used for multip jobs ( police , ems …etc ) and use qb-menu for better performance

How can I change the sounds that already come, for others? comes encrypted


i will submit update soon but at this time you can use your own .ogg file and name it like this
clear_the_area.ogg and replace it in interact-sound

script updated and added ability to add your custom .ogg sounds

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-qbcore-qb-polmegaphone-original-gta5-ai-cop-sounds-while-you-re-driving-a-whitelisted-cars/4885705

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