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Hello Guys this Script allows you to :

  • Disable/Enable NPC’s
  • Disable/Enable AntiCarDamage
  • Disable/Enable DisabledDispatch
  • Disable/Enable Firstperson Shoot
  • Disable/Enable Hide GTA Ammo HUD
  • Disable/Enable Vehicle Blacklist
  • Disable/Enable Weapon Blacklist
  • Disable/Enable AntiDriveBy
    *Add Ped Location with animation
  • Much More
    Please note that this script is completely clientside
    Thanks !!

Tebex : https://fivego.tebex.io/package/5199474

|Code accessible NO
|Subscription based NO
|Lines (approximately) more then 1000 lines
|Requirements es_extended
|Support YES

5$ that you add some lines into a fxmanifest and added few scripts into a folder?

This should get deleted.

so first you have 7 scripts i got 13 scripts in this OnForAll and this script is more optimised

add all this scripts and if you got under then 1ms i will delete my repo :slight_smile: so don’t speak for nothing make your life more interesting first

some lines so make it and don’t commente for saying nothing :wink:

Please include the required template you removed during topic creation. Can also be found in rules

Oh sorry i will do it tomorow :relaxed:


[ESX-Team] esx-smallresources here one free here include all you need

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-onforall/4882158

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