[PAID] [Mapping] ghetto for gangs – Releases

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[FR] Mapping qui convient pour une organisation criminel.

  • Plusieurs box/garage pour les véhicules.
  • Passage qui facilite la fuite en cas de course poursuite a pied.
  • Possibilité de monter sur les toits et de s’installer(guetteur)
    (Les points sont à parametrer sur votre serveur)

Garantit sans bug map/textures !
Esx property non fournis.


[US] [Mapping] Ghetto for gangs

  • Garage to take out a car.
  • A passage that facilitates the escape in case of running pursuit.
  • Possibility to go to the rooftop and sit down for see where is the police.
    (The points are to be configured on your server)

Guarantees No bug map/textures !

My Other Releases :

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support No

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I’m sorry but you gotta be joking… I don’t think anyone in the right state of mind would spend that much on something like this…

Something like this… If you don’t like it, thank you for going away. No one forces you to stay to denigrate people’s work. Thank you!

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-mapping-ghetto-for-gangs/4867534

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