[PAID] Magazines with Crypto Mining – Releases

Magazines with Crypto Mining created by us have been very well optimized 0.02ms, the warehouse is to be placed by us anywhere on the map, we can purchase it, extend, upgrade, add or remove co-owners of the warehouse. When you buy the warehouse it is rented for a few days, if you do not buy an extension, you will lose the warehouse after the rental date, everything is clearly shown in the warehouse management menu. After entering the warehouse we get a locker where we can put in/out our items and dressing room where we can change, save the outfit, or wear the saved outfit, in the last room you will find an extension Crypto Mining in which we have 4 cryptocurrencies for which we need a cryptocurrency wallet to set up, and to upgrade graphics cards, each cryptocurrency has its own random price which changes when you restart the server, everything works correctly and is developed. Interior is addon and it is included in the files after purchase.

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-magazines-with-crypto-mining/4867029

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