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Price: 15€ ( + VAT )

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Short Description

Our new Stockmarket System is an d-phone based app, which gives your users the ability to invest their ingame money if stocks. They can see with the graphs if they make any profit or not. You can easily add or remove shares in the config, which gives you the ability to also create shares for e.g. user companies.

Its compatible with every ESX Version.


  • Gives users the ability to invest their money. Admins can also create custom Stocks for e.g. user companies

  • All is based in the D-Phone

  • Dark or Whitemode

  • Graph for User Data and Stock Data

  • Very high performance

  • Everything is configurable in the config

  • Locales

  • Support for any Problem with my Products on my Discord Server

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements D-Phone
Support Yes

can you set when people buy the stocks , they need at the time to sell them? (maybe 1hour / 1day) they need to sell.

because if we dont set this , poeple will put them in a long time , and make more money .

If this can be happen , I will pay for it .

So you mean they have to sell (automatically?) the stock after time x?

yup , because most people have more money in the server , When they use 1 million to pay for the 1 dollar stock , they just need to wait for 2 dollar stock , and make 1million , there will be too easy in game to make the money.

that will make people put all the money inside it , and make more and more easy money.

sorry my english is not good :frowning:

Sure, i can implement this, no Problem.

ok , glad hear this wait for you

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-esx-stockmarket-d-phone-addon/4871776

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