[PAID] [ESX] Staffmode – Releases

Visit the store to purchase that script: Prince Scripts Tebex

Admins Commands


Staff Member Receives:

Full health & Armour
Full Food & Water –not showed in video
Revives them

Script also has Webhook logs *config *


okoknotify or mythic_notify

Purchase script on my Website

Preview :eyes:
Requirements esx_ambulancejob, esx_basicneeds
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Client: 67 / Server: 33
Requirements See above
Support Yes


Please include the full paid releases template and remove any discord mentions in your topic.

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outfit selection would be good for this

Nope, but if you have any suggestions, I will include them in the next update.

Why would you make okoknotify dependency…

It will be non okoknotify dependency within a day

added to the config file the feature to use either okoknotify or mythic_notify

Why you just not make like function in config… ?
Like this it’s seems to be like… oh use this lol

Notify = function(msg, type)
     exports.notify:notify(msg, type)

will do this instead thankyou

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You want 13 $ for a basic script that doesn’t even looks finished.
There a better free scripts that have much more functionality

  • Why using the escrow system for such a basic script?

  • Why are u deciding what notify system I should use? Where is the problem of opening the notification function so everybody can use there own notification system.

  • Why using 2 commands? You could make 1 command for staffmodeoff and staffmode.

In my opinion even if the notification function will be opened up and the 2 commands will be merged in one command the script still is not worth more then 3-5$. Again it’s a really basic script.

thank you for the feedback

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-esx-staffmode/4876459

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