[PAID] [ESX] LifePeak – Solutions Clothing-Shop – Releases

LifePeak – Solutions Clothing-Shop

• Fully configurable
• Low ms / Very good performance
• Unique Design
• Lifetime Support
• Easy to Install
• Compatible with our Notify
• Modern and beautiful UI


FiveM Clotheshop | Fully Configurable | [LifePeak-Scripts] – YouTube

• Price: EU: €20.00 / USD: $21.36

Tebex: https://lifepeak-scripts.tebex.io/package/5123016

Discord: LifePeak – Scripts

Our Clothing-Store enhances your Roleplay-Server through a modern and good-looking UI which provides a good solution for your players.

| Code is accessible → No
| Subscription-based → No
| Lines (approximately) → 2000
| Requirements → ESX
| Support → Yes

Would it be possible to modify your superb interface to add the possibility of having the clothes in metadata?
=> Use => Put
=> Use => Remove?

Hi :smiley:

Everthing is possible. Can you describe more what you want Exactly?


We use ox_inventory.
An inventory with metadata.

When buying a piece of clothing, instead of being put on the character, I would like it to be sent directly to the inventory as an ITEM.

If we “use the items” the clothes are put on the character, if we use a second time it removes the clothes from the character

Oh, now i understood.
If we have to implemet that, we have a lot of work.
maybe in Clothing-Store V2.

At the Moment we Developing a Roleplay Managment System ACP/UCP
We will Support OX at this tool.

As soon as this system is released, I will be your direct buyer!

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-esx-lifepeak-solutions-clothing-shop/4876957

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