[PAID] Cayo perico island bridge – Releases

Cayo perico island bridge preview :

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Cayo perico island bridge

  • Size : 2mb
  • Friendly fps
  • 2 Big roads
  • Modern design
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements 2189 Game build
Support Yes
(For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)

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You have to show the preview of both the ends clearly. Where you enter and exit. That’s the only thing that can make this stand out from other alternatives


Where you enter and exit like any bridge in GTA
There are no checkpoints or any gates, it’s just a bridge

What do you mean “where you enter and exit like any bridge in GTA”? Why do you not show what it looks like?

That’s the only possible point where it could look like shit with bad clipping and things like that, and you don’t show it.


What makes it better than |PAID] Cayo Perico Bridge | GTA5 – FIVEM, which is cheaper and shows the most important parts of the bridge?


[MAPPING] Bridge Cayo Perico – FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases – Cfx.re Community better use this bridge

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These are cool but why does everyone link it with a crazy modern bridge from a big city to a almost 3rd world island, seems funny.

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-cayo-perico-island-bridge/4864137

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