[PAID] Aston Martin Dealership – Releases

Aston Martin Dealership Ymap For FiveM
This is the release announcement of 3rd/50 Dealership Map


BUY Aston Martin : TEBEX

Location: x=833.98, y= 2260.41, z=51.82

Size: 3.11 MB


  • Include location Blips on the map and GPS
  • 12 cars can be showcased at once
  • Help desk downstairs
  • Boss office upstairs
  • Gauss sitting area upstairs
  • Mechanic area back of the dealership


BUY Aston Martin : TEBEX

Checkout Other 49 Dealerships : TEBEX


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes


Just out of curiosity but… have you tried different shapes other then… a square… cause it really doesn’t look like an actual building, it’s like you took a big ass cardboard box and then hooked up some LEDS and random ass car pads and was like, we’ll give it a brushed marble floor and call it a high end dealership.

Give it shape… form… and not just one huge ass square my man and call it a dealership then, otherwise you’ve got yourself a high end make up box

beautiful once again!!! out here killin it with the dealerships.

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Looks amazing! I love it! Keep up the great work!

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Just look at his tebex page, this is just a low effort copy paste job. He’s selling the same cardboard box 50 times with the logo changed.

This is below low effort. For the past week he’s uploaded this same box with a different logo on it.

Bro what’s wrong with you? You sell the same shitbox square 50 times? All 50 shitbox squares for $500? And the worst thing is when someone buys it and later realizes that it’s mostly the same building in the same place on the map?

Then One important update is. It was one of my Old works. And I thought just release it. Another important thing is. As it’s total 50 dealership. So I keep it squire, So it Fit everywhere in the map perfectly. And Last thing about The price or idea. actually I really have to care about what people want. but i also think whatever i do or whatever price i ask it’s totally up to me. Thank You everyone.


Or you could just sell a blank version and nothing for like 5 dollars or free. Than people can decide which logo they want on it. Much better then this scam scheme you’re doing here

Due to similarity of these buildings, rather put them all in one topic.

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-aston-martin-dealership/4876917

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