OpTic secures spot at Masters Upper Bracket Finals after a rollercoaster match against DRX

OpTic wins the upper bracket semifinal against DRX after three games of ups and downs. The North America representatives ultimately reached the upper bracket final of the VCT Masters Copenhagen, but not easily as DRX put up a thrilling performance.

In the first game, DRX had OpTic in the palm of their hands. Even though OpTic picked the map, Fracture, DRX showed cohesion and individual prowess that led to victory. Round after round, DRX dominated the first game, reaching double digits on the board without giving a single point to OpTic. 

OpTic started each round strong, getting the majority of the first kills throughout the game, but DRX didn’t miss a single clutch and forced their opponents to play with a massive economic deficit. Even though OpTic collected a few rounds for themselves, the gap between the two teams was too wide. This led to OpTic’s fall in Fracture. DRX ended the game at 13-4.

On Fracture, DRX seemed to be in top form, but OpTic flourished during the most challenging times. On DRX’s map of choice, Breeze, it was OpTic who crushed their opponents with clear set-ups and surprising flanks. It was evident from the first round that OpTic was far from over. 

DRX accelerated their rhythm during the second half of the game, but even the most minor mistakes had drastic implications. Eventually, the lead established by OpTic was too high to reach. OpTic burned DRX under the scorching sun of Breeze, poetically closing the game with the same score as DRX had on the first map.

OpTic and DRX played the deciding game on Bind, where the performances of both teams were emblematic of their match so far. DRX started the game with a clear and structured strategy around A site, but OpTic immediately disrupted their rhythm and closed the first round flawlessly. The NA representative then went on a winning streak, even collecting an ACE signed by Victor, but DRX didn’t yield and conquered a few rounds. 

After switching sides, OpTic gained complete control of the map, adjusting their attack strategy according to the defense put up by DRX. OpTic was first to reach double-digits on the scoreboard, while DRX was stuck with only five rounds in the bag. Clutch after clutch, the KR representatives climbed back up, tieing with OpTic at 10-10. 

DRX had achieved the comeback, but despite the bleak situation faced by OpTic due to their losing streak, the NA team won two rounds consecutively, reaching map and match point. OpTic breached through DRX’s defenses on A site, bringing the game point to a post-plant situation. The members of DRX were caught by the grid of reticles set up by OpTic in protection of the spike, ultimately bringing a victory to Optic.

The first two maps were as one-sided as the third one was hard-fought. While OpTic moved towards the upper bracket final and will have to face PaperRex, DRX descended into the lower bracket semifinal and will have to battle FunPlusPhoenix for a chance at the Grand Final.  

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/optic-secures-spot-at-masters-upper-bracket-finals-after-a-rollercoaster-match-against-drx

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