New ‘Undercity’ skin line for VALORANT leaked

A new skin line collection for VALORANT has appeared online ahead of its scheduled release, again.

Images of the “Undercity” bundle have been shared online by Mike from the widely followed @ValorLeaks Twitter account.

The image of the entire bundle shows the full skin collection for Undercity, with skins for the Judge, Phantom, Classic, Bulldog, and melee. The ValorLeaks account also shared a clip of someone with the melee weapons equipped, with a knife and an icepick-style ax.

The Undercity line follows a similar color scheme to the popular Glitchpop collection, but with a static image of a cyberpunk-esque skyline. On the skyline, there’s a wanted poster that appears to be for a “Victoria Vector.” We can only assume Vector is the one in the foreground of the Undercity image, staring at the skyline and the wanted poster.

The image of Vector appears several times in the recently released Jett music video “Can’t Slow Me Down” published on the VALORANT Korea YouTube channel. It’s unclear yet whether the Victoria Vector character is a hint at a new agent or if her character and the music video are just being used to promote the new skin line.

No official date of release or price point for the Undercity skin line has been revealed yet.


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