MRCA – Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Mini-Pack


Created in the aftermath of another city-state-federal jurisdiction brawl, MRCA now has one of the most depressing patrol areas of any Park Rangers. Their main area consists of the scummy, dirty sewage discharge drain that the local residents of Los Santos affectionately refer to as the ‘LS River’. Who wouldn’t want to guard the city’s sewage! Oh, they patrol a few hills too I guess… But I prefer the untreated waste water that runs right into the ocean.


Redtail – Vehicle Textures, Code 3 M180, Code 3 MR6, Code 3 Super Visor, Liberty II Edits, MRCA Seal
actuallytoxic – Alamo II, Caracara Wheels, FedSig Micropulses, Various Antennas, FedSig Controller, Centre Console, Spotlights, Liberty II
Nachtfliege – Vapid Scout Sounds, Alamo II, Parition, Trunk Organiser
Ilay – Alamo II
w/ – Caracara
Jacobmaate – Gun Rack, MRCA Seal
Jewwy – Screenshots

Terms of Use:

– Do not use any of these models on a multiplayer server without my permission

– Do not re-upload any file without my permission

– Do not include any files in ‘for sale’ service, of any kind.

Download the mod:

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