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In the meantime, video games have arrived in society and sales in the industry have exceeded those in the film industry not just since this year. It’s no wonder that films related to games keep coming to the cinemas and they want a share of the success. In addition to numerous film adaptations such as Tomb Raider, Street Fighter or Uwe Boll’s Far Cry with Till Schweiger, there are also films that incorporate video games themselves as a major role in the plot.

With Pixels, another of these films, in which video games play a major role, will be released on DVD and Bluray in December. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or the Space Invaders are just some of the characters that appear in it. Especially children of the 80s will have a lot of fun with this film. In addition to Pixels, there are numerous other films that gamers should know about. In addition to Pixels, we have selected nine other films for you and will briefly present them.

Pixels (USA, 2015)

Pixels is based on Patrick Jean’s short film, in which New York and eventually the whole world is invaded and pixelated by video game characters from the 80’s. It’s similar in the July 30th feature film Pixels, starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Mankind had sent a time capsule of cultural achievements into space, which was actually picked up by extraterrestrials. Among other things, there were also video games like Space Invaders or Centipede, which were mistakenly taken as a declaration of war instead of an offer of peace. In the form of video game characters, these aliens are now attacking the world. Kevin James, as President of the USA, quickly realizes that he needs real specialists for this and contacts his old friends, who at the time led numerous leaderboards and were the only ones who were victorious at the machines.

Ralph Reichts (USA, 2012)

In 2012, even Disney dedicated itself to the world of video games and Ralph Reichts also featured numerous well-known characters from video game history. The film is about the lovable Ralph. Ralph lives in an arcade with other video game characters, but he’s tired of being the perpetual villain. In the game “Fix-It Felix” he demolishes a building every day, which the celebrated hero Felix keeps patching up. His biggest wish is to be the hero too, so he decides to try his luck in other games. However, his game hopping completely messes up the system and threatens to destroy the game worlds. In the game Sugar Rush, however, he unexpectedly gets support from the glitch Vanellope von Schweetz, which ultimately turns things around for the better.

War Games (USA, 1983)

War Games from 1983 is one of those must-see classics. The thriller is about the computer-loving teenager David L. Lightman (Matthew Broderick), who tries to hack into game manufacturers using an acoustic coupler in order to be able to try out the latest video games. In fact, he’s successful, but he’s hooked into the WOPR computer that controls the United States’ nuclear arsenal. Unknowing that he pilots real nuclear bombs, he nearly causes a nuclear war.

Tron (US, 1982)

Another classic is the 1982 film Tron, which received a sequel in 2010 with Tron Legacy. The first part is about the programmer Kevin Flynn, who wants to prove that his opponent Ed Dillinger stole the video games he had programmed and passed them off as his and thus made it to the boss of the computer company ENCOM. Flynn attempts to hack into ENCOM’s mainframe, but something goes wrong in the attempt and he is digitized by the security mechanism and ends up in the mainframe itself. There he is captured and a life and death hunt begins.

Joy Stick Heroes (The Wizard; US, 1989)

The 1989 film Joy Stick Heroes will be familiar to many Nintendo fans. The film is often described as the longest Nintendo commercial in history. In addition to the NES and the Power Glove, several items from the Japanese group appear. For example, the film introduced Super Mario Bros. 3 outside of Japan for the first time. The film follows 13-year-old Cory Woods and his autistic brother Jimmy as they set out to enter a video game competition. Along the way, they befriend Haley, who is the same age and helps them get to Los Angeles on their own. Since the parents don’t know where their children are, they hire the private investigator Putnam, who causes the children some problems.

Nightmares (US, 1983)

Back then, Emilio Estevez’s Nightmares was not a big hit, grossing just $6.7 million at the box office, but it’s something of a secret among movie buffs. DVDs of the film are hard to come by and can fetch several hundred euros at internet auctions. The film itself is divided into four parts, only the second of which, “The Bishop of Battle”, has anything to do with video games. Young JJ Cooney is obsessed with video games and aims to be the first to clear level 13 of the arcade game The Bishop of Battle. When he finally reaches it, the game collapses and enemies pour out of the arcade machines.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (USA, 2010)

What is Scott Pilgrim doing in this series? Certainly some will ask themselves that, and rightly so. Scott Pilgrim is actually a comic film adaptation, the first issue of which was published in August 2004. The film still has a right to exist in this list, since the film is often based on video games and uses numerous stylistic devices. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is about the teenager of the same name who is trying to win the heart of his dream woman, Ramona Flowers. In order to achieve the goal, however, he must first defeat Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends.

Noobz – Game Over (USA, 2012)

This film will not necessarily help gamers to stop being smiled at so often. The strip, trimmed to slapstick and flat jokes, deals with four boys who play the Xbox shooter Gears of War online in a Cclan. They have never met in real life, but this is set to change with participation in the Cyber ​​Bowl. So the four of them embark on a road trip to the mecca of gamers to fight for the crown and a lot of money at the Cyber ​​Bowl.

Angry Video Game Nerd – The Movie (USA, 2014)

Angry Video Game Nerd – The Movie is the film for the YouTube channel of the same name. The film is about what is probably the worst video game of all time, ET (called Eee Tee in the film), which was released for the Atari 2600 console. When a sequel to the game is announced, which is said to be bad, the Angry Video Game Nerd is encouraged by his fans to do a review of both the new and old original.

If you want to learn more about the film and the Blu-ray, you should read our detailed review.

Gamers (US, 2009)

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylerm, known for Cran starring Jason Statham, created this sci-fi action thriller starring the online game Slayer. In it, the players don’t shoot pixels over the pile, but real people. Control cells were implanted in the brains of convicts sentenced to death, with which they can be externally controlled by gamers like game characters. Convict Kable, played by Gerald Butler, is the hero of the game and as the first convict comes close to surviving 30 fights, which would see him pardoned and finally returned to his wife and daughter. However, the creator of the game objects, as Kable has memories of the illegal tests with the control cell, which must not be exposed to the outside.

Arcade (US, 1993)

Arcade is a prototype being tested in the well-known arcade “Dante’s Inferno”. The game is all about virtual reality, which allows players to be completely immersed in the game, which is what literally happens after all. The players who lose are drawn into the game and captured by the central character “Arcade”. The only chance to get free and save all other failed players is to defeat Arcade.

I hope you enjoyed our little compilation of movies related to games. Nothing should stand in the way of the next themed film evening. If you know any other films that we have not presented here, you are welcome to tell us about them in the comments, we are curious.


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