[MLO] Countryside Home [Add-On SP / FiveM]

Takes an existing house from GTA5’s countryside and turns it into a safehouse for the player to go to during boredom.

Countryside Home is a 2 room house with garage

House features
Garage plus Functional Garage door (Missing sound)
See through windows from both inside and outside
Photographs on the walls

GJ’s Gaming Center Discord Server

Install & Open OpenIV
Select GTA5
Enable Edit mode
Drag and drop .OIV file into OpenIV window and it’ll open an installer where you just click install and it will install the mod for you
i’ve also provided an uninstaller file

Mod is also compatible with FiveM server, install for that can be found in the mod’s files section.

1.0 – Initial Release
1.01 – Fixed garage lamp shadows and lowered the light intensity a bit, also changed the light color to be more yellow than white.
1.02 – Completed and unlocked bathroom
Fixed black spot on pc
Removed scenarios from around the house
Replaced Sanchez with Scorcher bicycle
SP – Fixed issues that occured in 1.02 .OIV installer
SP/FiveM – Replaced windowglass texture with darker version
Added skirting
Added curtains
Set single color wallpaper as default (striped can be installed optionally)
Fixed the entire interior disappearing after ragdolling in or out of the bathroom
Fixed shaders on bedroom wardrobe

Added optional themes folder, it allows you to choose between 2 different wallpaper options for the moment, more might come soon.

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/countryside-home-mlo-sp-fivem

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