[MLO] Apartment shells – Releases

A pack of 5 apartment shells interiors

This is perfect for any housing system. Let your players build their own apartments!
This package doesn’t include any script, so its fully standalone, and compatible with any framework (ESX, QBCore, etc…)

PRICE: 19.90€ + VAT

  • Realistic scale/proportions, lights, and shadows
  • Ultra optimized (total file size: 6.03Mb)
  • Audio occlusion to block sounds/voices from/to outside
  • Advanced collisions with bullet effects and sound effects
  • Vanilla textures for the best results with the rest of the game
  • Custom models and textures

Video preview:

Screenshots (click to expand):

File size: 6.03Mb
286.13, 124.05, 141.76
288.97, 120.08, 134.76
292.89, 123.52, 129.64
293.04, 131.41, 119.76
297.81, 117.05, 110.10

Click here to check all my other interiors


Very cool. Definitely going to check these out.

Out of curiosity before I think about purchasing this; you mention co-ordinates in the post, in QB the script spawns the shell as an object under the map.
Are your shells compatible with that or are they supposed to be instanced areas?

It would really suck to have these shells loaded in all the time in places where I don’t want them to be.

Not trying to be mean or anything, just asking questions before considering a purchase. The shells look amazing.


GREAT JOB! These look amazing, thank you for sharing.

Nice work and great idea for a better roleplaying game! :smiley:

These seem to be static shells set in place in codewalker, from what you’re saying qb-houses won’t spawn these but you could make a separate function to teleport inside one of these instead, and all behaviours could match, furniture stashes etc

That’s exactly what I assumed, not interested in static shells sadly.

I described how your solution is something I’m trying to avoid because if multiple players purchase a property that would use this shell, they need to be instanced :slight_smile: You don’t want everyone who owns the apartment to be able to see each other inside all the time, right?

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/mlo-apartment-shells/4864742

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