Menyoo Spoon Convert –

Menyoo Spoon Convert

A program that converts the ‘Menyoo Spooner’ files to c# List format for mod makers.
(i swaped the < and > to – as they are open arguments in this ppage format)
convert this ;
-Attachment isAttached=”false” /-
to this ;

List-string- ObName = new List-string-();
List-int- ObHash = new List-int-();
List-Vector3- ObPos = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- ObRot = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- ObAttPos = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- ObAttRot = new List-Vector3-();
ObPos.Add(new Vector3(-386.239929f, -168.357376f, 65.2980804f);
ObRot.Add(new Vector3(0.00f, 0.00f, -66.6929703f);

it also collects attachment data;
ObPos.Add(new Vector3(-386.239929f, -168.357376f, 65.2980804f);
ObRot.Add(new Vector3(0.00f, 0.00f, -66.6929703f);
//——Attachto; 154123
AttPos.Add(new Vector3(0.00f, 0.00f, 0.00f);
AttRot.Add(new Vector3(0.00f, 0.00f, 0.00f);

and seperates objects vehicles and peds
List-string- VehName = new List-string-();
List-int- VehHash = new List-int-();
List-Vector3- VehPos = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- VehRot = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- VehAttPos = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- VehAttRot = new List-Vector3-();
ObPos.Add(new Vector3(-414.985016f, -139.607452f, 64.5398788f);
ObRot.Add(new Vector3(-0.612728f, -5.06690267e-05f, 29.9071732f);

List-string- PedName = new List-string-();
List-int- PedHash = new List-int-();
List-Vector3- PedPos = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- PedRot = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- PedAttPos = new List-Vector3-();
List-Vector3- PedAttRot = new List-Vector3-();
ObPos.Add(new Vector3(-420.471466f, -149.945694f, 65.8876038f);
ObRot.Add(new Vector3(0.00f, 0.00f, -65.9348145f);

The Output is in text format.

Also includes ‘sPedVehList.Bml’, which matches the names and hash keys of vehicles and peds, any addon peds vechicles need to be added to this file so the converter can read and set there desigation.

-Item_Name-adder-/Item_Name-// name used to spawn in item
-Item_Hash-0xb779a091-/Item_Hash-// hash that the name produces that is used to spawn in item.


Place .exe anywhere but if in the menyoo spooner folder makes finding the xmls easyer

Required Files

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019


Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

– none yet

Future updates
…make a custom output.
Change Log
Version 1.0


–Rockstar Games
–Mafins – Menyoo.


Download the mod:

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