Lowboy + Dolly Jeep [ Add-On | Tuning ]

Lowboy + Dolly Jeep

3D Models: ATS
Conversion to GTA V: FwCo
Shots n dlc: Th-Rash

Suggested use:
-Turn off extra, load the trailer.
-Turn on extra, use simple trainer and add the goosneck
-Hitch the truck

-Paintable Body
-Paintable rims
-Custom colisions
-Tuning Parts

Add this lines in ur dclist


-Intial Release

known bugs:
*jeep legs not working properly
*The Lowboy hooks up to the Jeep.
Finally to the truck. If you hitch
the Jeep to the truck, the game will
crash when you hitch the lowboy
*This mod has no support with Heavy Rims Pack
When change the wheels, they become big

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lowboy-dolly-jeep-add-on-tuning

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