LeahPanda departs TSM X VALORANT roster ahead of VCT Game Changers NA 2

Leah “LeahPanda” Nemchin-Crossman and TSM’S women’s VALORANT team have parted ways ahead of the second VCT Game Changers NA tournament.

LeahPanda joined TSM X just in time for the second Game Changers 2021 tournament last year, and although TSM X made it into the playoffs both times she played with them, they were unable to make it past the semifinals each time. TSM X did well in many other tournaments, though, including the Girl Gamer challenge, which the team won.

Their performances in the VCT Game Changers NA tournaments have been lackluster, however. They made it to the playoffs in the first VCT Game Changers NA tournament in 2022, but they fell in the semifinals to Dignitas Female.

Although her team hasn’t gotten past a semifinal in the VCT Game Changers circuit, the roster that TSM X had was solid, and LeahPanda will likely find her way onto another team before the next Game Changers NA tournament, which begins open qualifiers on June 30 and has its main event in July.

There are several teams missing a full roster that she would fit into, such as Misfits Black, or CLG Red, who is still looking for one more player to round out their roster. With her talent and experience in the VALORANT tournament circuit, it is likely that LeahPanda won’t remain LFT for long.

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/tsm-x-valorant-x-leahpanda-part-ways-vct-game-changers

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