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Jonah Vasquez noticed the reality behind the veil. His gifted thoughts understood numbers in a manner few may. Sunsets, structure, a blade of grass—he noticed extra inside them than eyes may gleam. He understood the language that defined them—arithmetic—complicated equations that regularly performed out across the universe to find out why and the way we exist. Buildings. Patterns. A regulation unbroken: physics.

His reward would have been neglected had his household’s historical past of poverty continued for an additional technology. However some patterns are supposed to deviate from their widespread course, and Jonah’s father strived to higher his household with each muscle he had. What began as a job selecting fruit close to Fresno, California, finally led to him proudly owning a small mangrove. It wasn’t a lot, but it surely was sufficient to supply Jonah a steady childhood and schooling.

Although positioned in superior lessons, there have been few indicators of Jonah’s brilliance to his friends. He was a traditional boy with a number of shut associates, a ardour for baseball, and an curiosity in historic civilizations. Nevertheless, when he was alone, his thoughts turned to numbers—and these, to Jonah, had been probably the most fascinating of marvels. He delved into Fibonacci and Recaman’s sequences and was quickly poring over complicated equations from historical past’s main mathematicians.

On his sixteenth birthday, he acquired an unaddressed card. There was nothing inside however the next numbers:

8, 25, 19, 44, 1; -20.37, -69.85; 13, 2, 26, 11, 1

It was a puzzle. Maybe a present from his math instructor or a relative who knew of his penchant for fixing brainteasers. However one way or the other this was completely different. Whereas he instantly acknowledged the GPS coordinates, rapidly discovering they led to a location in Chile, the opposite numbers meant nothing to him. Each try he made led to failure.

Over time, he deserted the puzzle, satisfied it was flawed. He went on to school and, upon commencement, was employed as a codebreaker by the CIA. On his first day, written in his worker handbook, had been the numbers from years in the past:

8, 25, 19, 44, 1; -20.37, -69.85; 13, 2, 26, 11, 1

A pressure behind his neck materialized, a sense that he was being toyed with. He returned to the puzzle, solely to find that his years of expertise would reveal no new info. He couldn’t dwell on it—he had a job to do.

He was put to work deciphering messages from sign stations round Europe. Archived footage discovered that for twenty-three years dozens had been working in an unknown capability. Easy blinks of sunshine hid complicated codes that exposed disjointed info. It wasn’t a lot to go on, however he found the messages appeared to contain highly effective and rich people from across the globe.

The mission was abruptly shut down. All brokers concerned had been transferred to different assignments. Jonah was moved to a covert activity pressure within the newly fashioned democracy of Kwantana, the place he intercepted and decoded messages from bands of rebels. His work enabled the U.S. to focus on quite a few insurgent places. Then the bombs dropped.

It was found too late that the messages had been decoys. Civilian casualties had been staggering, the true numbers lined up by officers.  Jonah blamed himself. He noticed firsthand the harm completed and the households torn aside. He took a go away of absence however remained in Kwantana, surveying the harm. He needed to do one thing. He cashed in his favors with one of many CIA’s digital safety specialists and infiltrated the rebel’s pc community. From there, he took inventory of the numbers, and made adjustments he thought nobody would discover. Small quantities of cash had been siphoned from the rebels to those that misplaced their properties and family members.

It appeared like a clean play, undetectable and cold—till the day the gunshots rang via his suite. Jonah hit the ground as glass shattered and holes punched via his partitions. Grabbing his laptop computer, he broke his kitchen window and leapt to the neighboring constructing’s roof. Earlier than he may even rub his throbbing ankles, the small home exploded into flames. He ran, not trying again. He climbed right down to the alley, made his approach to the slums, and hid himself amongst rickety shanties of cardboard and rotting wooden. Every week later, he arrived at an American embassy, exhausted, dust-ridden, and defeated.

Earlier than he may take a breath, he acquired a name from his chief officer on the CIA: “Was it value it? You over this campaign of yours?”

He felt powerless. And so, he returned his focus to what was easy, what was black and white: numbers.

His chief officer gave him a brand new project, one categorised to all however a number of. His analysis on the sign stations had reached somebody excessive up, and the mission was re-opened beneath a veil of secrecy. Jonah devoted his time to deciphering the codes, partly out of fascination and partly to neglect the guilt that resided inside him. What began with sign stations led him to one thing much more baffling: horror podcasts.

Within the tales of campfire thrillers and slasher tales from world wide had been rigorously hid codes. Generally numbers. Generally phrases. Every time, as if being a secret password or handshake, he discovered the next message: Sacrifice is rebirth. Hidden within the code was info on a community of highly effective folks, all working in direction of what, he didn’t know. There was chatter of summonings and rebirths, sacrifices and hunts. Jonah assumed a lot of it was purple herrings making an attempt to mislead. Up late that evening, he analyzed one other code—this time hid in a narrative of vampires. What he deciphered despatched a chill via his backbone.

8, 25, 19, 44, 1; -20.37, -69.85; 13, 2, 26, 11, 1

The numbers had returned. They haunted him. He noticed them when he closed his eyes. They clung to his sleepless thoughts, begging for consideration. He checked the coordinates as he had years in the past—it was nothing however a Chilean graveyard. He logged into the CIA database and searched the historical past of the situation. Just one hit got here up: a chilly case the place our bodies had been discovered within the space, the corpses eaten by tons of of crows.

Jonah couldn’t let the thriller go on any longer. The numbers had adopted him all his life and he was able to observe them. Understanding his chief officer wouldn’t approve, he booked a ticket to Chile with out anybody’s information. It was time to see what was so particular concerning the coordinates. Lower than 24 hours later he arrived at –20.36, -69.85. He discovered himself beneath the sweltering solar, standing within the graveyard of a ghost city.

There was nothing however mud and bones. Jonah spit into the dust and puzzled over the numbers as soon as extra. He slumped subsequent to an previous grave, beneath the eyes of a watchful crow. He missed dwelling, he missed the mangrove, he missed a time earlier than the complexities of the universe crashed down on him. He appeared out on the previous derelict buildings on one aspect and the sweeping desert on the opposite. There have been similarities to Fresno—the dry warmth, the sundown that solid an orange glow on the dusty floor. However it wasn’t dwelling. To not him. He checked out it from the eyes of a person who didn’t belong on this place.

After which Jonah understood.

Jonah Vasquez Dead by Daylight Survivor Lore

He was analyzing the code from his personal experiences, his personal view of the world. There was a lot he neglected. With feverish devotion, he thought of what the numbers may signify for different cultures: historic Egyptian measurements, Persian currencies, and… antiquated calendars. He lastly understood.

He sifted via his information of historic civilizations earlier than coming to the Tanyrian calendar. Plugging within the numbers as dates, he transformed the primary half of them over to the Gregorian calendar. He wasn’t ready for the quantity it could reveal: his birthday. The world spiraled round him. With sweaty palms, he calculated the remaining numbers. It gave him one other date: in the present day.

The code… it was about Jonah, at this location, at this second. His fingers shook. His coronary heart pounded in opposition to his ribs. Was he a part of a prophecy or had somebody led him down this path? He did not know. For as soon as, numbers not made sense.

A heavy fatigue came to visit him and the world shifted in not possible methods. He knew the equations behind nature, he knew what he noticed couldn’t be. He witnessed his father’s mangrove past the desert and felt overwhelming consolation. Crows cawed within the distance and the odor of citrus wafted on the breeze. He thought of that he was as soon as extra a toddler, and the numbers nothing however a horrible dream. Trapped in nostalgic ideas, he did not discover the darkish fog seeping from the grass, swirling its manner in direction of him. Crows flew from the branches, screeching relentlessly, flying in a circle above. It was too late when he realized the scent on the breeze was not citrus.

It was blood. 

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