Is Riot creating a VALORANT TV show?

Many League of Legends fans had high hopes for the game’s animated Netflix series, Arcane. The show exceeded everyone’s expectations and it also became a global hit in the process. Arcane reached the top spot on Netflix in 38 countries and the series’ second season is confirmed to be in production.

League isn’t Riot’s only intellectual property that boasts rich lore, however. VALORANT has built its lore from the ground up since its release in 2020. From cinematics to artworks, VALORANT has hooked its fans to the game’s lore.

Considering the number of stories in the VALORANT universe grows every season with new agents, it’s only natural to wonder whether VALORANT can deliver an epic TV show like Arcane.

Will VALORANT get a TV show?

Though Riot hasn’t revealed anything officially, VALORANT might be getting a TV show of its own in the future. In the May 19 “Ask VALORANT” blog, the game’s creative director David Nottingham commented on the matter. “Arcane was amazing,” Nottingham said. “We’d be lying if we claimed not to have hopes and dreams of one day delivering something of that stature in the VALORANT Universe.”

Nottingham also added and reminds fans not to expect anything too soon, though. The developers’ main focus will continue to be on the game for the foreseeable future.

When would a VALORANT TV show be released?

With Arcane’s second season in the works and Nottingham asking fans not to expect anything soon, it’s almost guaranteed that there won’t be a VALORANT show in 2022. For a VALORANT TV show to thrive, fans will probably need to wait for Arcane to conclude first.

Would VALORANT’s TV show be on Netflix?

A VALORANT TV show is not yet even confirmed. But considering the fact that Riot is on good terms with Netflix, the streaming service is likely to have better odds of securing the streaming rights for any potential VALORANT TV show.

This article will be updated if any further information is revealed about a potential VALORANT show.


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