Improved Declasse Hotring Sabre [Add-On | Liveries | LODs]

Hotring racing, although America’s 9th favorite sport over all, it is the first in high-octane, gruesome and most likely life-threatening crashes. Face it, a shmuck like you would never make the cut to be a seasoned Hotring driver, but luckily for you, the bigwigs at the Hotring Association have graciously put a completely batshit and unregulated racing machine up for auction to the general public. Will you take the keys?

This model replaces the vanilla Rockstar model!

This was a little side project that was born out of an unreleased Hotring Sabre livery pack that has been sitting on my hard drive for over a year.

– Bigger exhaust
– Paintable wheels
– New wing options
– Tons of new liveries
– Retains all vanilla liveries
– All basic game functions

Update 1.5:
– Added Plastic Spoiler option

Disclaimer: Please ask permission before using this on your server. Do not use this vehicle without explicit permission. You can contact me on Discord @ Skysder#0294

1. Take the “hotring” folder from the archive and place it into mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. Copy the line “dlcpacks:/hotring/” into your dlclist.xml which is located in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data

Mod Credits:
– Bob322 for various model edits
– Me for Add-On

Livery Credits:
– HeliosAxitro for Lubrination, XYZStore, Arrow Gasoline, ThriftEx, CoK, Wigwam Burger, Jack Sheepe, Sprunk Fuel, Dense, Spender’s, FunCola, Team Junk, Powermetal Aesthetic
– Sir Stir Fry for Electrolyte, Hen House, Crevis X Tinkle, Bobcat Security, Paper Clips
– Me for FixUp, Piswasser X Lozspeed, Skysderworks Budget Racer
– Sangckrona for Atomic Splash, Lube Up
Davie for Redwood Gold, Stronzo

Photo Credits:
– paperosim228, Skrungus & me

Download the mod:

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