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• This is an beautiful loading screen with an animated background, press to pause music, and other customizable features!


• Press space to pause music
• Animated background
• Can include partnerships/sponsors
• Doesn’t show the bridge, it stops when the player is loaded ( works with multicharacter too, no changes required )


• Easy customization with instructions on how to change everything

FiveM Asset Escrow System

• This script is using the Asset Escrow system.

Download (3.99€) + VAT

• Get this resource at Tebex

Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1500
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

And the animations of the appearance of the text are taken from here, the place for the logo, as well as the loading line from below.

I think you should first ask or check the code before assuming something
I made the animations my self.
I used Quicksand font.
The place for the logo? My logo can’t be on the center???

I’m not the moderator of this forum to check your code, right? I see distinct similarities with other resources in your work. Based on this, I draw conclusions and statements.

that’s why I am explaining to you that no, I did not take anything from other scripts, 1st, I was not aware of the existence of that loading screen, 2nd, only the sakura animation was not made by me.

Do you have permission to use sakura animation ?
Have you read the release rules before making your release?

Credits & Copyright/DMCA

Sharing content that is not yours is allowed as long as you credit the original author and don’t violate their terms/license. Try to contact the author via their contact information found on their profile, leaving a comment/reply, or by creating an issue (if it’s a repository). After allowing the original author time to reply (~1 week) and you’ve not received a reply, you may use their content under the terms that you credit them and share your contact attempt (i.e. with a screenshot).

I’m pretty sure I can use the animation, because I have no way to contact the creator of the animation, and it’s in codepen, so it’s made for use elsewhere? i think so
It’s not a resource of another developer on this forum.

10 euros plus VAT?? There are no cool animations or anything interesting going on! I don’t say this to throw hate, but considering there are so many other free loading screens out there that have much more functionality it’s just not worth it. What makes this loading screen special? Why would I purchase this instead of downloading one for free and changing the logo and text?

Hello, I understand you, but, this was one of my first script made “100%” by me, first time creating in html, js and css.
I may lower the price, this is my first time posting and selling here also, I tried to make something interesting with the sponsors, animations, but yeah
I respect your opinion.
Feel free to give me suggestions!

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Don’t say it was “100%” made by you when the background is not, it was posted above on a pen!
  2. When creating your first sold script, do not price it this high! 10 euros might not seem like a lot for you! But for others, it may be a lot!
  3. Compare your scripts to others! Make sure something is special about your, otherwise why would someone want to buy it?

Price changed: (3.99€) + VAT

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/ic3d-loading-screen-sakura-paid-standalone/4863945

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