How to surrender in VALORANT

VALORANT’s competitive mode is one of the most popular playlists in the game. Players constantly try to improve their skills and climb the ranked ladder. Winning a close match is an incredible experience, especially if it was the last push needed to rank up. But sometimes, calling it quits is the best option and the surrender function is the best way to save time and prevent stress.

A fully-fledged ranked system made its debut in VALORANT’s Patch 1.02, complete with eight divisions, each with three separate tiers. But unlike the closed beta, a surrender option was also added to the game.

Players can now opt to surrender out of a match ahead of its completion. If they don’t want to continue playing, they can call an early surrender vote. This requires all players on the surrendering team to vote “yes” for it to pass.

You can call a surrender vote by typing “/ff,” “forfeit,” “concede,” or “surrender” in the chat. To open the chat (if you don’t know already), simply press the enter key. 

When you call a surrender vote or one of your teammates does, you’ll have the option to either vote “/yes” or “/no” along with the default F5 and F6 keys. If all five players on your team vote to surrender, the match will prematurely end.

But there’s a catch. Surrender votes can’t be called before the fourth round on either the attacking or defending phase. When a vote is called, the vote option will then be queued for the next round. If you call the surrender vote in the buy phase, however, it will be available almost immediately.

Surrendering in an unrated match requires 80 percent of a team to vote yes. In a ranked match, the entire team must vote yes for the game to end. Make sure surrendering is the right move for your team before calling a vote since some players might still believe in a comeback.

If a surrender vote is carried through, the winning team will get credit for every round necessary to bring them up the 13 rounds. The opposite goes for the losing team.


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