How to play Neon, VALORANT’s speedy new agent

VALORANT Patch 4.0 introduced many exciting changes to the game, including the addition of Neon, a new Duelist agent. The first Filipino character to join the roster has an electricity skill set and is perfect for aggressive players that like to take the fight to the enemy.

Understanding how to use Neon effectively is relatively simple, but it will take practice to avoid wasting her effective abilities. Let’s dive into her kit before breaking down the best way to use the speedy new character. 

Neon’s Abilities

  • Fast Lane – The Fast Lane ability allows Neon to activate two energy lines on the ground that extend forward. The walls create a barrier that blocks enemy vision and damages enemies if they cross through. Players can shoot through the walls, but the lack of vision can help teams across open areas. 
  • Relay Bolt – Neon’s Relay Bolt ability creates a throwable energy bolt that bounces once before exploding. The bolt electrifies each surface it hits, concussing enemies caught in the blast.
  • High Gear – The High Gear ability grants increased speed for a short duration. Players can also use the alt-fire button to activate an electric slide, perfect for escaping dangerous situations. The increased speed regenerates over time, while the slide is reset after two kills. 
  • Ultimate: Overdrive The Overdrive ultimate ability activates Neon’s full power, creating a lightning beam that can quickly kill multiple opponents. Players have high movement accuracy while the ability is active, meaning they can move around as needed to fight. The ultimate has a short duration, so take advantage of it while you can. 

Understanding how to use Neon

Neon has one of the most unique kits in VALORANT. She can outmaneuver almost all other agents (besides Jett) and is the perfect choice for players looking for a fight. But there are a few things to remember before blindly running into battle. 

The Fast Lane ability creates a path not only for Neon but her entire team. Use this to your advantage when pushing sites. It creates a decent amount of cover, especially in open areas. Just remember that you’re not bullet-proof between the walls, and enemies can still hit lucky shots. 

Combining the Fast Lane ability with the High Gear speed boost can be deadly. Neon can place her walls and run through them to flank enemy positions or quickly enter a site. The High Gear ability also makes it easy to rotate between sites, allowing Neon to assist teammates quickly and efficiently. 

The Relay Bolt is an excellent way to soften or distract the enemy before pushing into an area. Remember that it electrifies each surface it touches, so you can potentially find lineups that concuss multiple hiding spots. Neon can also use her speed boost to capitalize on concussed enemies and help secure easy picks. 

Don’t forget about Neon’s sliding ability because it can save you in tough gunfights. Just remember that the weapon you have equipped when you activate the sprint is the weapon you’ll have when the slide ends. The last thing you want to do is bring a Classic to a Vandal fight. 

The slide also resets every two kills. This means you should be consistently engaging opponents to refill your slide. Most of Neon’s abilities are meant for engagements, so avoid sitting in a corner and lurking deep.

The Overdrive ultimate is one of the deadliest abilities in VALORANT, but only if you can hit your shots. The ability deals a significant amount of damage and can kill enemies within seconds. The ability also resets with each kill, meaning talented players can devastate an entire team if used correctly. But players can still take you out while the ultimate is active, so effective movement is important while using it. 

Neon has the perfect skill set for players that like to be on the move and be the first person into a gunfight. She might take a bit of practice to master, but her learning curve is low. Remember that retreating is an option, and escaping with your life is better than leaving your team outnumbered.

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