How to play Breeze in VALORANT

Breeze is one of VALORANT’s more open maps with wide corridors and plenty of areas prime for sniping with either the Operator or Chamber ultimate. For this map, control over the middle of the map will be the key to success since it allows the attackers to navigate onto either side easily. 

Here is a comprehensive guide to Breeze, including basic attack and defense strategies and callouts. 

Breeze layout and basic callouts

Here is the in-game map for Breeze with all of the important callouts listed. 

Image via Riot Games

Breeze A site callouts and strategies 

When attacking A site on Breeze, it is usually best to enter through Cave. This entrance can be smoothed if the attacking team has some form of smoke on their team to block off angles that the defenders may be holding. Another great entry point is from the middle of the map through Double Doors, which gives the attackers a little more breathing room and fewer corners to check. When planting, it’s best to put the Spike on Cave side because it allows the attackers to fall back and wait for the defenders to start defusing. It allows players from Double Doors to see the Spike as well. 

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Image via Riot Games

Defenders should try and hold as many angles as possible on A site. This can be done by sitting in corners outside of Cave and waiting for enemies to enter the site. Another great way to defend A is to hold an angle on either side of the triangles located on the site with some form of sniper. This allows the defender to catch the attackers pushing from Cave off guard and get an easy first blood. When defusing the Spike, keep an eye out for a side flank from Double Doors and watch out for a remaining attacker waiting deep in Cave. 

Breeze B site callouts and strategies 

The B site on Breeze has a lot of choke points on both entry points from B Main and Tunnel. Smokes are the best way of blocking off these choke points, but it’s better if players push into the site together and clear the right and left of either entrance to make sure there isn’t an enemy waiting there. The best place to plant the Spike is around the pillar on B site, specifically next to the gray box made of bricks. This blocks the view of the defenders who may be tunnel or back site and allows players to sit B Main and wait for a defuse. 

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Image via Riot Games

When defending on B site, it is often better to sit back and wait for the enemy to push in. Defenders should sit on either side of B Main or throw some form of agent utility there to catch the attackers off guard. An unchecked corner could mean first blood or an advantage in the round. Another great place to hold B from is the back site, which has another corner for defenders to hide behind and wait for the enemy to push on. When defusing, keep in mind that there may be enemies hiding B Main or behind the black brick pillars throughout the site.


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