How to get the VALORANT ‘Eco or Ego’ Prime Gaming spray

The latest VALORANT in-game item, the “Eco or Ego” spray, is now available through the Prime Gaming Loot page.

The latest spray is a fun addition to the collection of VALORANT sprays, rapidly rotating between “stop” and “go” icons before stopping on one and flashing. It’s a fun spray to use to definitively answer important questions: Force buy or save? Go for the clutch or save the weapon? Buy the glass cannon AWP in overtime? Let the spray decide.

Looking to add the “Eco or Ego” spray to your own in-game collection? We bet you are. Here’s how.

How to get the “Eco or Ego” VALORANT spray

To claim the spray, you have to be a Prime Gaming or Amazon Prime subscriber. Subscribing to Prime Gaming costs $15 a month and unlocks a ton of additional free in-game content for titles like VALORANTLeagueWild RiftFIFA, and several others. In previous months, VALORANT players have also been able to acquire various gun buddies and player cards as well.

Once you’re a Prime member, you’ll have to make sure your Prime Gaming account is connected to your Riot Games account. If you haven’t done this already, you should be re-directed to Riot’s website when you first go to claim the “Eco or Ego” spray from the Prime Gaming Loot page.

Image via Riot Games

Once that’s done, or if your Prime Gaming account is connected to your Riot account, claiming the spray will add it to your inventory. The next time you sign into VALORANT, the “Eco or Ego” spray should be in your collection. As a reminder, sprays are sorted alphabetically in your collection if you’re having trouble finding it.

And as a reminder, always go ego over eco.


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