How to get RGX 11z Pro skins in VALORANT

The RGX 11Z Pro weapon skins have quickly become one of the most popular skin lines in VALORANT.

While the original bundle has already left the shop, there is a new set of skins coming on April 27. Here is how to obtain all of the RGX weapon skins in VALORANT

RGX 2.0

With Episode Four, Act Three comes a new version of the RGX weapon skins. This skin line will feature a Classic, Phantom, Operator, Spectre, and Butterfly knife. Like every new weapon skin bundle in VALORANT, the skins will be released together as the featured bundle for a set amount of time. In this bundle, players will be able to purchase all of the skins along with an exclusive spray, player card, and gun buddy that can only be purchased while the bundle is in the featured slot. 

The bundle can be purchased when the shop refreshes on April 27 for 8,700 VALORANT Points. Each weapon skin and extra can be purchased separately from the bundle, but purchasing the bundle saves some money and gives the Butterfly knife for free. 

  • Price per weapon skin- 2,175VP
  • Melee price – 4350 VP
  • Player card price – 375VP
  • Spray price – 325VP
  • Gun buddy price – 475VP

Orginal RGX

The first RGX weapon skin bundle was released in October 2021 and featured a Frenzy, Stinger, Guardian, Vandal, and melee skin. It occupied the feature slot in the shop and included exclusive bundle items like the spray and player card. The new RGX weapon skins will not have the same player card, spray, or gun buddy that the previous version had. 

If players want to obtain the original RGX skins since they missed out on the initial release, they will have to wait for the skins to appear individually in their shops. After a bundle leaves the shop the weapon skins will still be available for purchase but players will have to wait a random amount of time for them. 

The VALORANT shop refreshes every day at a set time, giving players a set of four random skins that they do not already own to buy. Over time the original RGX weapon skins will appear in the player’s shop for purchase. For the impatient who want to save money, it is best to purchase the bundle when it is featured in the shop.


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