How to check how many hours you’ve spent playing VALORANT

Gaming sessions can take longer than expected. Considering the hectic nature of VALORANT, you can end up spending hours joining match after match. The Riot Games launcher doesn’t show players how much they’ve spent on their favorite games which can also be for the better in some cases.

Knowing how much time you’re putting into gaming can be stressful for players who’d also like to stay productive in their studies or work. Investing time into a hobby that gives you joy is perfectly fine, however, and you can always wear your total playtime as a badge of honor to showcase your experience.

How to check how many hours you have on VALORANT

VALORANT players will need to use external services to track the total time spent in the game since Riot doesn’t have such a feature.

  • Log in to or any other third party program that lets players track their in-game stats
  • After logging in with your account details, you’ll need to select VALORANT
  • You’ll be able to take a look at all the statistics that the system was able to gather from your matches, including your total playtime

Note that the total playtime featured here may not be 100 percent accurate since the system won’t be able to count how much time you may have spent in the main menu or while searching for a new match.

It’s still a decent tool that lets players take a glimpse at a rough estimation of how much time they spent in VALORANT which can come in handy in various cases.

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