How to change chat text color in VALORANT

Your individual skills as a VALORANT player will be vital if you’re looking to climb up the game’s ranked ladder. You can only carry yourself so far, and you’ll need to learn to work well with your teammates to consistently win.

While some of your teammates will be quite responsive and communicate clearly, others may prefer to keep their distance. If you think some of your teammates may not be paying attention to chat, you can give your messages more visibility by changing their color.

A hidden feature allows players to change the color of their VALORANT text with HTML codes, making them look unique.

To change your chat text color in VALORANT, you’ll need to use the following codes while typing in chat:

  • Blue: “<team>Your Text Here</>”.
  • Green: “<notification>Your Text Here</>”.
  • Pink: “<warning>Your Text Here</>” or “<whisper>Your Text Here</>”
  • Red: “<enemy>Your Text Here</>”.
  • Yellow: “<system>Your Text Here</>” or “<self>Your Text Here</>”.

Keeping the codes copied in a notepad can allow you to switch colors in an instant. The chances of your teammates asking how you just typed with color will be relatively high, so you may need to answer those questions in between rounds.

In addition to changing the color of your text, you can also use emojis in VALORANT. Press and hold your ALT button on a number to check out all the emojis available in VALORANT.


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