GTA San Andreas (Definitive Edition) Multiplayer will launch in 2022

Dear GTA San Andreas Multiplayer fans, we expect the multiplayer mod for GTA:SA (Definitive Edition) for early 2022. A team has already planned to develop and started creating this multiplayer mod for the new remastered version of “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas”.

If you remember SA:MP – it will be most likely like that, in a brand new version for the new remaster: “We are currently working on a multiplayer mode for the new GTA:SA Defintive Edition. Please stay tuned for more information.” – So a SA:MP 2.0 will probably launch soon to give players and modders a chance to play on live dedicated servers and make their own games, like roleplay server games.

Pure nostalgia: The GTA:SAMP mod for the original 2004 version

Join the official discord server

The official discord of the GTA:SA Definitive Edition multiplayer creators has been launched already. The team is looking for members.

Frequently asked questions about the project

Those questions are commonly asked – and answered by the team leader of SA:MP (DE). (checked on Dec, 10, 2021)

When can we expect a released public version?

We get asked this question a lot and in all honesty, we cannot put an exact date on when our alpha release will be tested. Currently we have been working the game files to extract the relevant class references for the first build which will include basic movement and weapon synchronization. (A public version could be expected to go live by May 2022 at the latest, again we do not want to go live with a buggy environment)

When will scripting our own servers become reality?

Once we go live with our first four servers of basic TDM game modes, we will analyze the performance of the servers based on the player count to make sure that we can uphold the performance of the hosting service. Only then we will make an announcement around the option to host your own server. We will work with interested SAMP project owners, who would then already make their servers fully available for everyone at launch. Apart from that, collaborations with other projects working on a multiplayer version of SA:Definitive Edition are not excluded.

How will players host own servers?

Obviously, we will be releasing the server-side client files for Linux and windows once this becomes available. We are also going to provide a new feature called SADEMP_Hosting which through the client itself, you will be able to host and buy your own servers. (Instead of hosting via VPS on a cPanel or going online to a website, you open the client, click on the server hosting feature and you can manage all server files from the client. Nice and simple!)

Where are you now in the development stage?

Not a lot that we want to say around this question because other communities are also in the same race to get to the end first.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhen AstroTurd took this role there was absolutely no information I could find about what the previous developers had actually accomplished. So, he had to reconstruct the development team from scratch and also start reverse engineering the game on his own. At this time, we are testing weapon and movement synchronization and will hopefully have a client build for beta testing stages shortly. This build will just be the functionality of the client itself, no server access will be on the build they test at that time. Just making sure its user friendly first.

What coding languages do you believe to incorporate into the scripting side?

C#, Python, Java, Lua and Pawno.

Will this code ever become open source?

Yes, when we reach all big release counts (I.E, 0.1.0 or 0.2.0) these will be put up on our GitHub account for public access.

More about the GTA San Andreas Multiplayer 2.0 project

Find out more about this project on their discord server or on their official website. The team members of GTA:SAMP DE) will let you know via Discord whenever there will be changes, updates or an upcoming release.

What do you think about the mod? Will you play it or even create your own server? Let us know right down below and comment our post!

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  • My own opinion about this: OMG I am so hyped! I loved GTA SA:MP and played thousands of hours on Godfather Roleplay Gamemode. Those were the times, really missing them. Did you play this?

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