Gruppe Security Car Pack –

“Gruppe Sechs provides private security services and offers failed cops a second chance to enforce the law on their own terms.” – Description at

Gruppe Sechs have made a massive comeback to their fleet. All cars have a white and Yellow light pattern, including: Standard cars, Simplistic cars, ‘Pointing’ cars (arrow decal), Intervention Force, Retro Gruppe Sechs as well as Maintenance and Realistic G4S style. CONTRACT LIVERIES INCLUDE: USALS cars, The Diamond Casino and Resort, LSIA Airport Security & State Prison.

How to install:
1: Go to Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks
2: Drop in “g6security”
3: Then go to Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata then edit “dlclist.xml”
4: Enter “dlcpacks:/g6security/” then press save
5: Done

Known bugs:
– Buffalo STX crashes some people’s games, I don’t know what causes this

You will need Siren Setting Limit Adjuster for the lights to work correctly, as well as a custom gameconfig to avoid crashing on launch. Also REQUIRES Addon Clothing and EUP (2.0+)

V1.0: Initial Release (15/04/2022)

If ANYONE is missing, DM me and i’ll add you ASAP. Thank you to everyone here for making this possible!

– Hakucho Police Bike+BF400 Dirtbike F5544
– sas994 – map Bison, Coquette, Gresley; light setup, lore-style Federal Siginal Vision SL&SLR lightbar; high raiser; lights setup; edit Granger2 grille; Alamo2 cage
– Rockstar Games – all original models
– Dani02 – stock BuffaloS; Bison, Scout conversion
– GCT – Alamo and Scout model
– Tall70 – Landstalker model
– Thundersmacker – GTA IV Bravado Bison
– LamboFreak – BuffaloS new headlight, custom sounds
– TheF3nt0n – mapped BuffaloS, Caracara, Stanier
– Voit Turyv – Gauntlet stock fenders and front lip porting; LSSD conversion; dashcam; Buffalo custom sounds; BuffaloS wheels; emergency light assets, texture assets
– ChevyJ – Gauntlet stock fenders and front lip model
– Jacobmaate – lightbar; LEDs model; Alamo boot model edit; dashcam; antennas
– 11john11 – BuffaloS rims; improved Fugitive, Landstalker; LASD style antennas; LandstalkerXL wheels; trunk equipment; improved interior console
– w/ – Caracara 4×4; trunk equipment
– lt.caine – mapped Fugitive
– Alyxandra Vance – mapped primo
– DustyFlop – edited Stanier police model
– Vx5 Voltage – edited Scout police Model; Stanier steelie wheels; toughbook model; police console improvements
– Glennoconnel – Granger parts for trunk edits and taillight setup; updated Bravado Bison (Civilian Full-Size); side steps; rear trunk cover
– AllenKennedy – improved Torrence; Scout rims; fixed Caracara windshield issues
– IlayArye – edited Alamo police and Landroamer model; mapped Alamo, Scout and Landroamer; further Fugitive improvements
– Bravo-One-Charlie – black Grille; edit Torrence and buffalo model
– Nachtfliege/Nacho – improved LandstalkerXL, Buffalo SX; trunk organizer; wraparound pushbar; spotlight; cage; Landroamer headlight textures
– neogeo39 – Caracara paintable rims and plastic arches
– Skitty – Caracara front bumper, grille, bed cabin, some tuning parts; Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model
– AlexanderLB – BuffaloS and Landroamer badges, wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture
– BeastyBill88 – Coquette paintable rim
– actuallyTOXIC – Alamo: convert to PPV
– EUP DEVS – Original Models and Textures
– Original Models: Rockstar Games
– Vapid Stanier: 11john11
– Baller model and original textures provided by Rockstar Games
– Baller mapped by ZaygTheRard (thanks to Voit Turyv for suggestions on improving the template and reporting the broken dirt map)
– Declasse Yosemite: Thundersmacker, Bob322, and Fenton
– Stanier Wheels and console: 11john11
– Lightbar and carcols: 11john11 and Voit Turyv
– Police equipiment: Rockstar Games and Voit Turyv
– Shotgun model: Solo
– 11john11, TheF3nt0n and IlayArye – Mapping assistance.
– TheSecretPower – HQ decals
– M188 & other modders – Lore-Friendly Liveries for Caddy original uploader
– Eddlm – Alamo2 custom handling
– Pumpk1in – improved SLR carclos.meta; SLR lightbar glass texture
– AlexanderLB – Alamo2 badges; wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture
– Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model
– and lastly, vigil – removed badge from buffalo STX models

And a thank you to beta testers Vigil, Doutis, Not Kornel, Lord Swed, MagicGenie, PedroElite, Peroxide, Texan Weeb, William Halverd™

Download the mod:

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