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The most powerful trainer from IV, now in V!
A lot of work was put into this mod, specifically to use the least amount of natives possible, and to add brand new functions by reverse engineering the game itself rather than messing with said natives.
Most of the code has been totally rewritten from the IV version as well to be much cleaner and more stable.
Expect even more features to come soon as this is by no means the last version.

Default controls:
F7 – open/close menu
Num5 – enter menu
Num0 – exit menu
Num2/8 – scroll

Middle mouse button – Hold for fly mode
F6 – Airbreak
RCTRL Num1 – Fix Car
RCTRL Num2 – Flip Car
RCTRL Num3 – Clean Car
Insert – (Car Recording) Place checkpoint
End – (Car Recording) Rewind to checkpoint

Custom hotkeys can be defined to toggle any menu option at any time in the .ini file, as well as controller support.

Note that features have only been tested on 2372, so some older versions (in options such as car wallhack) might break. However it’ll be forwards compatible with 2545 as soon as ScriptHookV is updated.

List of unique/notable features:
Make reflections reflect the world exactly as it appears, including high quality models and dynamic objects such as street lights (but not vehicles or peds) (WIP)
Full RGB color options for vehicles, including a separate option for pearlescent rather than being shared with color 3, and an option for coloring all non-colorable parts
Free camera that works in cutscenes and doesn’t disable first person animations
Hash Reverser, enter a hash and have it reversed as soon as the game makes use of it
Open/close/unlatch/break any door
Detach ANY car part, including previously impossible to detach parts such as fenders, wheels, bumpers and windows
Record and play back paths of up to 128 cars simultaneously
Toggle visibility of car body and wheels separately
Display distant vehicle imposters up close
Detach parts from spawned objects, such as breaking specific parts of lampposts
Disable distant lights at night
Disable nighttime car lights or force them on during daytime
Disable emissives at night or force them on during daytime
Disable lamps at night or force them on during daytime
Change dirt color of vehicles in-game
Manually toggle the burn effect on vehicles
Unlock the max velocity and turn velocity of vehicles and ragdolls
Randomize car color variations to solve the issue of the first one or two color combinations of each car showing up too often
Trigger the DMT scenario from Did Somebody Say Yoga during free roam
Change game settings while in-game without any caps, e.g. set mouse sensitivity or screen brightness way lower/higher than what the game caps it to (WIP)
Display various useful bits of info about the game such as the pointer to the player’s ped and vehicle, timestep, game timer, car pedals & steering wheel, etc.
Teleport into last used car
Remote control any empty vehicle
Change HUD colors
GTA/GTA2 style top-down camera
Warp car forward/backward keeping all momentum
Future-proof car tuning menu with 255 categories
Display tons of useful info on screen about all peds, vehicles, objects, buildings and interior instances in the game world, including health, distance, pointer in memory, vehicle gear/turbo/temperature/RPM/fuel, etc.
Change vehicle color to naturally occurring colors defined in carvariations
Full control over time & weather, including freeze weather option, year, month and day changing, syncing with system time & date, and customizable clock speed
In-menu gxt string reader, enter the key and get a localized string from it
Controller Info, displaying all 360 different control inputs and their current states along with a pointer in memory to the CPad for reverse engineering purposes

Added all new peds to the ped model list
Added all new objects to the object model list
Added all new vehicles to the vehicle model list
Added external functions support
Added Model Quality menu (WIP, options lower than High currently only affect car wheels)
Added Wheels Only and No Wheels toggles
Added One Hit KO option
Special Godmode improvements
Optimizations and crash fixes for vehicle pool related options
Improved the behavior of velocity altering options (turbo, superbrake, etc.)
Teleport into Nearest Seat now skips full cars
Added Ped Spawning menu
Added recently spawned lists to Object, Ped, Player and Car Spawning
Fixed Random Clothes toggle in Player Model menu
Added Disable Car Parts menu
Added Vehicle Imposters Up Close toggle
Added .ini defaults for all options
Added Ignite Player and Suicide options
Added No Health Gain option
Added Hard Mode option
Added Explosion Spawning menu
Wallhack menus now iterate the pool directly instead of using ScriptHook functions
Added Entity Type to all wallhacks
Added Respot Timer to Car Wallhack
Added Buidling and Animated Building wallhacks
Added Interior Wallhack
Moved all wallhacks into a submenu
Added Car Recording menu
Added Player Model menu
Added Teleport into Nearest Seat option
Added scale to Object Spawning
Added model hash option to all wallhacks
Added Spooner to Object Spawning
Added Active Camera Type and Active Camera Pointer to Info Display
Added License Plate Text option
Added Player Car Type to Info Display
Added Lock Camera toggle
Added Free Camera
Fixed delay in warping into vehicles
Fixed Vehicle Extras menu not working properly
Added Top Down Camera option
Added Times Wasted Counter option
Added Color 5 and Color 6 to Vehicle Options
Added Color 1 & 2 menu to Vehicle Options
Added RGB Colors to Vehicle Options (including quinary color and separate pearl & tertiary colors)
Fixed weird behavior when Randomized Car Color Variations is toggled
Added Special Car Godmode, Car Fix Loop, Disable Visible Damage and Never Dirty to Vehicle Options
Added Saved Car Options menu to Vehicle Options
Added Remote Control Car option
Added Info Display
Fixed High Quality Reflections crashing the trainer on Steam
Fixed Controller Info crashing the trainer on Steam & EGS
Added Dirt Color option
Added Burned Car Skin toggle
Added No Speed Sanity Checks option
Added Unlock Car Max Speed, Unlock Car Max Turn Speed, Unlock Ragdoll Max Speed and Unlock Ragdoll Max Turn Speed options
Fixed instability when Disable All Distant Lights is turned on
Added Enable All Distant Lights option
Added Randomized Car Color Variations option
Base Brightness now only resets if the brightness option is changed
Added Detach Parts to Object Spawning
Added Dirt Level option
Added Unlock Dirt Level Limit toggle (WIP)
Added High Quality Reflections option (WIP)

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/zolika1351-s-trainer

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