Vinewood Hill Mega Mansion v1.1 [Ymap]

Vinewood Hill Mega Mansion [Menyoo][Addon]creat by me.

Its a big mansion on vinewood hill with a nice view, 2 swimingpools, 1 jacuzzi,
2 big livingrooms many rooms, heli pad on the roof, garage for 6 cars secure, 1 cinema, 1 basket ball court, arcade game .

If you don’t have mods folder, just create it and put the original common.rpf locate in GTA5 main folder in your mods folder

Download and install:
ScriptHook, ScriptHook V .NET and OpenIV and MENYOO


A] ADDON [ymap file]
Installation for instal (OPEN IV needed for this)

copy and paste folder “custom maps” to:
mods update x64 dlcpacks

Finally add “dlcpacks: custom maps ” in dlclist.xml using OpenIV to:
mods update.rpf common data

Or, when you already have your custom maps folder then go to:
mods update x64 dlcpacks custom maps dlc.rpf x64 levels gta5 citye maps custom maps.rpf

and add the file :
vinewood hill mega mansion.ymap
vinewood hill mega mansion.ymap 2 [Addon] (don t rename the file. OpenIV will do the rest)

B] MENYOO [xml file]

vinewood hill mega mansion.xml
vinwood hill mega 1.xml
of my archive to GTAV menyooStuff Spooner.

Now launch in GTA5, press F8 to open Menyoo, select “ObjectSpooner”, “SavedFiles”,
and load vinewood hill mega mansion.xml and vinwood hill mega 1.xml
(You will be teleported in front of the mega mansion)

Have fun :)

Change log:

v1.0 creat the mansion
v1.1 change all entrances for ped and vehicles with a new door for ped entrance, and a new ramp for going to the garage.

Download the mod:

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