The Graveyard Shift Paintjob Pack

Something… un-holy is happening out there… and I feel as if this may be the last beat of my life

This livery and EUP pack contains 7 fictional liveries inspired by the Late 80’s Boston Police Department, mapped for BeastyBill88’s Declasse Premier Pack, Weeby’s LSSD Brigham, MonkeyPolice’s Boxville Police Van and Introvert’s Schyster Champion, as well as a new shirt for EUP 9.3.

There are 3 liveries for the Declasse Brigham, 1 livery for the Declasse Premier, 1 livery for the Schyster Champion and 1 livery for the Brute Boxville.

To install, simply open the corresponding vehicle and EUP .ytd file in its DLC addon pack, copy the name of the existing livery/texture for the vehicle/EUP asset (i.e. stanier_sign_1 or task_diff_001_a_uni), delete the livery/texture from the .ytd file, drag in the replacement livery/texture from this pack to the .ytd file, and finally rename it with the name you copied.

Feel free to use these liveries and EUP with any intent, except for monetary, so long as you credit me.

Credit to Doutis for the Patch used for the EUP

Follow the story for this pack at my website here: Argg’s Screens

Download the mod:

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