Shrewsbury Dart Pistol [SP / FiveM | Add-On | HUD Icon]

An air gun which shoots darts filled with a drug that, when injected, paralizes and sedates the target. Supplied dose of drug adjusted for cattle. Don’t poke at yourself.

If used on cattle: precise, quiet, non-traumatising, easy to use by an untrained farmer.
If used on people: nearly silent, single round, inconvenient to reload under gunfire, hard to aim. However, if you manage to hit someone, very likely to overdose and kill them in a couple seconds.

This little pistol will fit any GTA niche, be it wreaking havoc in Singleplayer, going through story missions or roleplaying as obscure Chief Animal Control Officer in LSPDFR or FiveM.

Spawn name:

– Scratch-made model
– Handmade textures, fitting to GTA 5 style and lore
– Custom weapon wheel icon and weapon info
– Fine-tuned configs, damages, forces, aiming
– Customisable darts
– Language files for most languages available in game.
– Upcoming: Gameplay integration with Nachtfliege’s Vapid Kennel Animal Control truck.
– Upcoming: Custom weapon animations (currently disabled because of software issues)

w/ – Model, texturing, porting to GTA, configs, dlcpack and FiveM resource.
Wildbrick142 – HUD icon and related gfx configs.
TheRaf3D1 aka [REDACTED] – tips and advice about weapon files.

Use this mod wherever you want. Re-uploading is allowed as long as proper credits are given, a link to this page is present and a message to me is sent. No monetization of this mod is allowed in any form. Thank you.

If you like my work and want to support me, please consider donating here at Boosty. Unfortunately this seems to be the only way that’s currently working in my country. My apologies for the inconvenience and thank you.

Download the mod:

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