SAHP Bravado Buffalo STX (DLS) [Add-On]

SAHP Bravado Buffalo STX
As I was too impatient to wait for the JacobMaate version, I decided to create a temporary SAHP version for this brand new GTAV vehicle.

Thank you Jacob for your SAHP assets, I used them with love, and thanks Nacho for the amazing STX model !

Keep in mind that I only have under 10 hours of Zmodeler experience, this is my very first vehicle release ever, and maybe my last. Please, be kind with me if any bug occurs…

—- Installation instructions —-
1) Drop “sahpstx” folder in MODS/update/x64/dlcpacks
2) Add dlcpacks:/sahp2stx/ in MODS/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml
3) -OPTIONNAL- (if you have DLS) : Download and install the sahp.xml DLS config file from neversober81 DLS megapack. Do not forget to add sahp2stx inside the -Models- tag at the beggining of the file.
4) Launch the game and spawn the car with its name “sahp2stx” !

—- DLS and siren —-
This vehicle works fine with DLS, using the sahp.xml file from neversober81 DLS megapack. BUT first, you’ll need to add the vehicle name (sahp2stx) inside the -Models- tag at the beggining of the file.

—- Changelog —-
1.3 : Fixed glass shards
1.2 : changed the mirrors color to BLACK (was white…). Increased roof number size. Also added the missing dashcam.
1.0 : initial version

—- Credits —-
Nacho for his STX Bravado Buffalo model
Jacobmaate for the pushbar, lightbar, dashcam, laptop screen, antennas, original sahp livery
Vx5 Voltage – Toughbook model
11john11 for the speedradar equipment
Screenshots, courtesy of Officer91
Sorry if I forgot anyone : tell me and I’ll add it asap
Please, keep those credits if you reuse my work for any other release.

Download the mod:

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