Menu Backups (LSPD, LSSD, SAHP, NOOSE, FIB, ARMY, Merryweather).

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Hello everyone, today I will post a new mod: Backups Menu. This is a simple mod with which you can summon reinforcements like: LSPD, LSSD, SAHP, NOOSE, FIB, ARMY, and even Merryweather.

Watch the video for more information. Feel free to ask about issues in the comments.

For now, use a trainer to remove objects, preferably Menyoo. In the next versions I will add patrolling and automatic deletion. To delete with Menyoo, go to Object Spooner, Manage Entity Database, Removal and select Delete All (Peds, Vehicles) in the World.

1. You will need 3 mods: Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET and Native UI.
Links to mods:
1) (Put in GTA V folder),
2) (Put in GTA V folder),
3. Download the Mod, and put Menu Backups v.1.0.dll into your script folder (If you don’t have a scripts folder, create it. Strictly like this: scripts)
5. Run GTA V and play!
(((-The mod is activated on the “B” key.-)))

Creator: ArkadiPro1

Thanks for Download!

Download the mod:

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