MD-11 Livery pack –

Paint pack for MD-11 made by me.

If you also want the painting with varig, here is the link, someone else did it:

If you want to read a summary about the history of the aircraft, it is at the end of the description.


MD-11: Skyline GTRFreak and Kiryu
Mega pack livery: WinterStorm1997, SkylineGTRFreak

A little history of these aircraft.

PT-MSI: TAM in 2006 was expanding and was expanding and boeing made an unmissable offer while it was waiting for its 777-300ER, which for a year and a half Boeing would lease from tam at very low prices the MD-11s that were previously from VARIG, in 2007 they arrived at the Brazilian company, flying until November 2008.
OBS: the MD-11 was known at tam as maestro, because each landing was a problem.

PP-SFD: it was delivered to vasp in 1996 and operated until the 2000s, and at that time vasp was already in a major financial crisis that would lead to its bankruptcy, this aircraft flew in three companies here in BRAZIL, among them VASP , VARIG AND TAM, flying on varig as PP-VQX, then on tam as PT-MSJ.

Download the mod:

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