LS Tuners Garage Scenario –

LSTunersGarageScenario Map For Menyoo v1

-Legit copy of GTAV ———— UPDATED
-Latest update game version 1.58 The Contract DLC and all previous versions
-ScriptHookV ———— UPDATED
-ScriptHookVDotNet ———— UPDATED
-Menyoo PC ———— UPDATED
-Simple Trainer for GTA V ———— UPDATED


You must have installed Menyoo Mod – ———— UPDATED
and you must have installed Simple Trainer for GTA V – ———— UPDATED
Go to GTA V root directory – open folder ‘menyooStuff’ – Go to folder ‘Spooner’ -
and in Spooner folder drop and paste LSTunersGarageScenario.xml


Press F8 two times – go to ‘Object Spooner’ – go to Manage Save Files -
select LSTunersGarageScenario.xml – select Load Placements

THANK YOU !!! Happy New 2022 !!!

Download the mod:

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