Limousine Service (ride as passenger)

Don’t drink a lot of champagne!


– ScriptHookVDotNet

OTHER MODS (Optional)

Other transport mods:
– Los Santos Bus Service,
– Long Travel Bus Service,
– Enhanced Metro.

Turn on radio everywhere:
– Ear Radio on Foot.

Smoke weed:
– Weed Shop.


This mod brings Limousine service to the game.
– Spawns luxury and clean Limos in different locations,
– You can call a Limo to get you from anywhere by pressing a customizable key,
– You can cruise around or go to a waypoint,
– Two Limousine models to choose one (Dundreary Stretch and Mammouth Patriot Stretch),
– Speed and driving style customizable,
– Fare of 180 dollars,
– Supports up to 2 additional peds (companions).


Put “LimousineService.dll” and “LimousineService.ini” in “scripts” folder.


– First release.


– Alexander Blade,
– Crosire.


Support notes:

The date of updating depends on priority and support.
By donating with PayPal the current mod will have support and priority.
By becoming Patron on Patreon the mod will have support.
If the current mod has the priority, the more support the sooner will be the update.
Priority list is in the first public post on Patreon.

Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!

Development status: first release.

Download the mod:

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