Full parade dress uniform for MP Male

Full military/royal parade dress for mp male

A custom British parade uniform that has never been released before. I thought that someone might want such a fancy uniform and also a ceremonial sword to go along nicely with scenes! Adjusted the original body mass from COD to look slim, and cordially added some features to the uniform! You can recreate coronations, parades and royal meetings with this authentic uniform that are only worn on special occasions! Anyone loving history would surely like this uniform.

Requirements: OpenIV

Installation: Just rename and replace the files to go along with your wanted textures,
and it will show up in-game!

features: 2 sets of full dress uniforms and dress sword – All of high quality!
uniform 5 medal &7 medal version
Plus a wearable ceremonial sword accesory that would go nicely with the uniform!

Known Issues: cord glitching with active movement
v1.0 – Initial upload
v1.1 – maybe fix the cord glitch

model credits to: Activision&Sketchfab

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/full-parade-dress-uniform-for-mp-male

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