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Have you ever thought:
“Damn, why does rockstar make textures that are exclusive to NPC’s?”

Well, this mod adds 22 new beard textures without replacing, including 16 NPC-Only variations and 6 restored beta variants of existing ingame textures, they all will be located after the hipster update beards in any trainer.
Additionally you have 5 spare slots which will be filled later, more added slots will be added as the mod progresses.

In the future this mod will have more than just beard textures, i plan on adding extra skin damage overlays such as scars, blood and bandages, that’s why the mod is named Facial Overlays.

This mod is still experimental so some textures can not be fully fit or may get heavily changed in the future.

Rockstar Games – Original Textures
Slick (me) – Extracting from NPC diffuses and making them work with GTA Online facial overlay system, normal maps and speculars.


Refer to readme.txt inside the archive.

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/addon-facial-overlays-beards-lore-friendly

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