Bravado Buffalo LS [Add-On] –

I know others have recently attempted this very thing, yet since I had already thought about doing this before I was aware of the others, I saw it through to the end. This is my own attempt at making the Buffalo STX more stock looking, with an added police variant to go along with.

Future plans -
There are a few things not done yet that at one point I would like to do/don’t know how to do at this time. These are as follow:
– Redo the front bumper as a whole
– Add proper modkits to the civilian Buffalo SL
– Rebind the liveries to said modkids
– Add more liveries

Credits –
Rockstar – the original models used
Jacobmaate – Lore-style Whelen Liberty, civilian wheels, Buffalo badges, middle brake light
Officer Failz – Assembly, screenshots, model edits, UV mapping, liveries, AWD Steelies -1
If I am missing anyone, or anything is inaccurate, please let me know and the credits will be updated ASAP.
Nacho – Old Spotlights

-1 I know I last edited these steelies together ages ago, and can’t remember where I got the original wheels from. Will also be rectified as soon as I find out.

Permissions –
You are free to use this mod in any SP saves or FiveM servers. If you would like to edit this model and release it, I kindly ask you to talk to me about it first. However I will not allow any reuploading without making any modifications. I intend on posting my mods to this website, gta5-mods, and nowhere else.

Change Log – Replaces spotlights, screenshots will reflect soon.

Download the mod:

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