GTA 6: Leak shows first look at Vice City

If this leak is true, GTA 6 is almost finished. A supposed Rockstar Games employee shared a shot that might show the new Vice City.

New York – The wait for GTA 6 is absolutely maddening the fans. For more than eight years now, players have been satisfied with the fifth part of the legendary series of games from Rockstar Games. Again and again leaks appear that promise the blue of the sky and make GTA fans speculate. A supposed Rockstar Games employee shared a shot that made fans wonder if this could really be Vice City.

Name of the gameGrand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6)
Release dateTBA
PublisherRockstar Games
SeriesGrand Theft Auto
DevelopersRockstar North (unbestätigt)
GenreOpen-World, Action Adventure

Is this a first screenshot of the game?

The leak: someone spoke up on the 4chan imageboard who claims to work for Rockstar Games. The person tried to convince the community on 4chan that he: they had been involved in the development of GTA 6 for “a few months” and that the “quality of the game finally met the expectations and the hype”.

We already have 80% of the content ready and there are still a lot of great features that we want to add. Most of the game’s systems are finished and working. We’ve already tested a lot of the content for the Open World and Heists. […] I just wanted to share our knowledge with you so that you know what you can expect from GTA 6. “


This is what the screenshot looks like: In addition to a long text on the development status of GTA 6, a recording was also shared that he is said to have taken at a “Rockstar employee event in September”. The alleged screenshot from GTA 6 clearly shows the city of Miami – the template for Vice City. However, the water and buildings really make the shot look like something out of a video game.

GTA 6: Leak shows first look at Vice City 2

Authenticity of the picture?

While many leaks can easily be exposed with a Google picture search, this picture appears to be an original. In a direct comparison there are similar images, but none that depict the same angle. The buildings also have slight differences to the original on Miami Beach, so that one could conclude that it is just a modeled environment. It has already been suggested that GTA 6 could play in Vice City again.

Being careful about leaks

The internet is a place for many rumors, fakes and fake leaks. Maybe this image is real (who knows) – but most likely it’s fake. Don’t believe everything you see about GTA 6 because 99.9% is fake.

Fans are sceptical

What the fans say: Even if GTA 6 leaks have been exposed cheaply in the past, this recording seems to convince some fans on Reddit a little more. The fact that you can’t find an original photo makes some believe it’s real. One fan writes that it really looks like it was captured from a modern video game. “I hope what he says is true,” prays the: the Reddit users: in.

But many do not want to raise hopes and think – even for no good reason – that it is a fake. Another fan jokes and writes: “Plot Twist: This is a real screenshot from GTA 6, shared by a real developer who wants to convince everyone that he’s a troll.”

What do you think about the screenshot?

Is it authentic or just a big fake? Gameblog24 is a community to discuss about the GTA 6 leaks and news. What is your opinion? Write it down right below!

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