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Hello travelers! The development team at Genshin Impact is here and we hope you enjoyed exploring Inazuma last July! With version 2.1 “Moonlit World”, which will be released on September 1st, you can expect even more islands and stories to explore in Inazuma, recruit more playable characters and experience more relaxed moments that you can with our old ones Friends in Liyue.

Meanwhile, Aloy, the legendary Nora hunter from Horizon Zero Dawn, answers the call of adventure in Teyvat and embarks on a completely new journey. If you reach adventure level 20 or more before the updates to version 2.1 and version 2.2, you will receive the 5-star figure “Aloy – Savior from Another World” and also her 4-star bow “Predator” via Message in-game if you log into Genshin Impact on the PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5!

Aloy – Savior from Another World “

When Aloy traveled to Teyvat, she acquired a Divine Eye with cryo-power, which gave her more power to enhance her bow attacks. With her special ability “Divination of the morning light” she throws an energy cell filled with cryo-energy in the direction of the target, which she detonates with an arrow and thus causes massive cryo-area damage. Her elemental abilities and talents can not only strengthen herself and the other troop members, but also weaken their opponents while dealing cryo-damage.

Aloy’s elemental skill “Frost Covered Fields” throws an ice bomb in the direction of the target and causes an explosion with cryo-damage. After the explosion, the ice bomb disperses into several cold mines, which explode immediately on contact with opponents or after a short delay, causing additional cryo-damage. Once an egg bomb or cold mine hits an enemy, it also reduces the enemy’s attack and grants Aloy a stacking coil. Each stack increases the damage done by Aloy’s standard attacks. After she has unlocked her talent “Combat Bridging”, Aloy can even increase the attack of the entire group for a certain duration if she has the Coil effect.

If Aloy has four stacks of Coil at a time, she gains the Icy Rush effect, which converts all of her standard attack damage to cryogenic damage for a set duration. When Aloy unlocks her passive talent “Impact Attack”, the “Icy Rush” effect continuously increases her cryo damage.

Meanwhile, “Predator”, the 4-star bow, can further empower Aloy with its unique weapon effect. The bow that Aloy brought back from another world can add 66 points to her attack. Its wearer can increase the damage of standard attacks and heavy strikes by 10% for 6 seconds when dealing cryo-damage to opponents. This effect can be stacked twice. The bow is only available on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 and can be used on all platforms due to intercompatibility. However, the weapon’s effect only applies when playing on PlayStation consoles.

“We were really looking forward to working with Genshin Impact, especially because we have fans of each other on both teams,” said Mathijs de Jonge, Director of Horizon Zero Dawn ™. “Aloy is a proven agile hunter and warrior who never hesitates to fight for a cause. We can’t wait to see her team up with the traveler who is also from another world to continue their shared adventure in the Genshin Impact Universe! “

A grand finale to the Inazuma chapter

With version 2.1, the main plot of the turbulent empire of Inazuma will finally come to an end in the following chapter “Omnipresence among the people”. In the previous story, the travelers failed in their first confrontation with Shougun Raiden and later joined the ranks of the resistance forces. Will the traveler face the almighty Shougun again? And does the traveler ever have a chance to shake the Shougun’s imposing will to pursue eternity and to turn the situation in Inazuma? We will see it in the upcoming Archon Mission.

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As the story progresses, two new large islands will be opened to players. The first is Watatsumi, the home of the Resistance Forces. In the center of the island is the beautiful Sangonomiya Shrine, surrounded by mountains and misty waterfalls. While the island has a dreamy, different landscape, its inhabitants also have a completely different belief and worship the Great Snake, not the Electro Archon.

Unlike Watatsumi, Seirai looks somber and creepy. The island is shrouded in constant violent storms that leave ruins, abandoned shrines and withering trees to tell a sad story of the past.

Tough opponents and reliable allies

Your path in Inazuma may not be easy, especially with La Signora, the boss of the new cleansing area, and two other leader opponents, the Hydro-Hypostasis and the Manifestation of Thunder, on your way. La Signora is a formidable opponent with dignity and power. The development team actually devoted about eight months to giving her a special sense of beauty and a changeable fighting style through her unique actions and animations in combat, to switch between cryo and pyro power and change the environment around her.

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In the meantime, we’d also like to introduce three new playable characters that could be of great help in combat and exploration. Shougun Raiden himself will be there as a 5-star figure with a polearm. When designing their movements and poses, we wanted to show the calm, dignity, and divinity of an archon. We also took inspiration from Hasso no Kamae, swords in their scabbards, and other kenjutsu postures and actions when designing their fighting movements.

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Sangonomiya Kokomi, the divine priestess and supreme leader of Watatsumi and the resistance forces, will join as another 5-star figure. With the hydro-power and a catalyst, she can bring a lot of healing to troop members. The last is Kujou Sara, the bold general of the Tenryou administration, loyal to the Shougun. As a bow-bearer with divine eye with electric power, she can perform solid electric ranged attacks and give bonuses to the troops.

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Personal quests for Shougun Raiden and Kokomi will also be available. Players can find out the stories behind two of the most senior, intelligent, and powerful women in Inazuma.

A journey through history and gastronomic delights

If you want to take a short break from the intense adventures in Inazuma, you can take time out for the full moon dance in Liyue! During the upcoming seasonal promotion, meet up with Xiangling, Keqing, and other old friends, cook and sample a variety of foods and recipes, and explore the stories and origins of the rich port’s tradition.

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The full moon dance is a time when friends and families meet in Liyue, toast and enjoy local delicacies every fall. There are various proverbs about how it all began, but later folk traditions made food one of the most important parts of the festival. A variety of vendors ‘and vendors’ stalls are also set up along the market and streets in Liyue, adding to the sophisticated delights of festive city life.

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Of course, no celebration is complete without generous rewards and fun games. This time we have prepared a great treasure hunt game for our travelers, the “Moonlight Searcher” campaign! During the promotion period, the Adventurers’ Guild will hide moon hunting amulets and chests of the mysterious moon in the areas of Liyue, Lunar City and Dragon Ridge. Travelers can find clues about their location by speaking to the organizer, tracking down each Mysterious Moon’s chest for rewards, and collecting the Moon Hunt Amulets to exchange for more resources, including a brand new 4-star two-handed sword, the luxurious Sea King. You can even get rewards for honing this fish-like weapon to the highest level.

Fishing time!

After the jug of impermanence, we’re introducing another gameplay system, fishing! The different types of fish vary widely across the continent of Teyvat and can be used to obtain fish for food, exchanged for rewards or exchanged for new fishing rods at fishing associations. Special ornamental fish can also be caught and raised in the spirit cloud pool, a brand new decoration that can be made in your personal realm in the jug of transience. If you are sure of your abilities, you can take part in the “Moon Kingdom” campaign and join Kujirai Momiji, the fishing expert from Inazuma, to look for the legendary fish, the moon leviathan.

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It is now almost a year since Genshin Impact was released last September and we really appreciate the support of every traveler to Teyvat. To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of Genshin Impact, travelers can get up to 10 pieces of Interwoven Fate along with ample resources by participating in the sign up promotion. For players on all servers, the double yield bonus will be reset on the first top-up, which means that everyone can enjoy double the amount of Creation Crystals for the first purchase again.

And that’s it for now, travelers! We hope to have another year of exciting adventures with you!

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