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Hello travelers! Your development team from Genshin Impact is back and brings you the latest information about the update to version 2.3 “Shadows in a Snowstorm”, which will be released on November 24th. As winter approaches in the world of Teyvat, we have a number of snow challenges and activities planned all over the Dragon Ridge. In the meantime, in Inazuma, too, an urgent case is calling for the Bantan Sango detective agency to help with the latest investigations and rescue operations in connection with the massive disappearance of small animals.

With version 2.3 we would also like to include more old and new friends in your adventure. Albedo and Eula will be part of the game again and Arataki Itto and Gorou will also join the game as new playable characters.

Training in bitter cold

The year-round snow-covered Drachengrat is a huge frozen mountain range in the south of Mondstadt. As part of the seasonal “Shadows in the Snowstorm” campaign, the Adventurers’ Guild decides to hold their winter training here, and some old friends like Albedo and Eula will also appear in the action. It’s time to brush up on some skills, enjoy the snow, and receive tons of rewards, including the new 4-star weapon, One-Handed Cinnabar Spindle, to enhance your characters!

The special training on the Drachengrat offers participants three different types of challenges. The first is the Agility Training, which tests your speed on specially designed routes with various bonuses, collectable badges, and obstacles along the way. The next is the tracking training, in which participants must track down and melt specific clusters of ice crystals to collect snowman components. If you’re already seasoned treasure hunters who never skip a chest, this task should be a breeze. The final task is combat training. You will find special baits that exude bitter cold and reinforce a large number of enemies in the area. As you get closer, the bitter cold also accumulates faster on your figures. Fortunately, you can toggle the baits to the heat source friendly state by activating all three devices while wearing deep red quartz.

However, before heading out for challenges and rewards, make sure you can survive the cold. In addition to your life points and your stamina, you have to pay particular attention to the value of the bitter cold on the Drachengrat. Without a heat source, the value continues to rise. As soon as it is full, your character loses life points.

But no real snow day is complete without a snowman. During the special training on the Drachengrat you can get different snowman components to build chubby snowmen in the game. You can also swap snowman components with friends and even put them in the jug of transience to give your realm a wintry atmosphere.

Big and small creatures

In the far east of Teyvat, across the sea, the massive disappearance of small animals has aroused concern among the residents of Inazuma. In the “Case file Bantan Sango: The war dog” you can help and bring the disappeared animals back home.

Strangely enough, a mysterious dog and its fantastic doppelgangers, the canine bunshin, appear to be guarding and patrolling some of the missing animals. To bring them back, you have to sneak past the guard dog and capture your target with a special tool, the “web of ubiquity”. You can also distract the guard dogs by making clever use of the fog and fireworks devices. The other missing people were detained in a place called the “Robbers’ Den”. Defeat all enemies in the area and free those who remain.

Aside from the primary rock and other resources, you will also receive the “Network of Omniubiquity” after the campaign is over. This brand new tool can capture the essence of some smaller creatures and restore their shapes in the jug of impermanence. You can find out which creatures the web can recreate in the manual. Speaking of new residents: With the latest update, you can also invite Paimon into your realm, of course as a guest.

While the travelers are busy rescuing the cute little ones, a huge and dangerous monstrous beast, the Golden Garmfürst, appears as the new boss on Tsurumi. As the ruler of the Garme and Garmwelpen, the Golden Garmfürst can also use the “Corrosion” condition, which constantly lowers the life points of your entire troop regardless of any protective shields. In the meantime, the Golden Garmfürst can summon Leitgarme to protect the boss himself. Later in the fight, the Garmlord’s attack value continues to increase, while his resistance to geo-attacks decreases. Different troop formation strategies can affect how you fight the wild monster.

Old and new friends

Humans are not the only intelligent creatures in the world of Teyvat and our characters have different origins and backgrounds. We have already met Xiao and many other adepts in Liyue. This time we would like to introduce you to an Oni from Inazuma, Arataki Itto, as our new playable 5-star character.

Arataki Itto seems to have a strong will to win, whether it’s a ramen eating contest with a fox-eared lady, a few kids’ games, or his challenge against Kujou Sara. Kujou Sara, the general of the Tenryou administration, once defeated him and confiscated his Divine Eye as part of the Eye Hunting Decree. But Arataki Itto undoubtedly has a unique charisma. It is said that he even formed his own gang, the “Arataki Gang”.

Arataki Itto is also a strong attacker in combat because he has a two-handed weapon and geo-power. Both his standard attacks and elemental abilities have great impact. Itto can gain “super strong superpower” with its standard attacks and elemental ability. Each stack of “super strong superpower” allows him to deliver an intensified heavy blow, an arataki kesagiri, and as soon as the last stack is used up a particularly powerful attack is triggered. With his special ability “Terrible Oni King – Itto Breaks Forward!” Itto can bring out his inner angry Oni King and use the Oni King’s Kanabou in battle. When Itto transforms into the enraged Oni King, his standard attacks, fierce blows, and attacks from the fall can cause geo-damage. In addition, Itto’s resistance to all elements decreases as well as his physical resistance, his attack is increased based on his defense, and the attack speed of his standard attacks is also increased.

Gorou will appear as the new 4-star figure in the same prayer campaign as Itto. The great general of the Watasumi armed forces may be younger than many of his subordinates, but he enjoys the trust of his comrades and the traveler in the plot of Inazuma. Gorou also has a Divine Eye with Geo-Power, but prefers the bow and can reinforce his fellow troops in battle. Both his elemental ability and his special ability cause geo-area damage and strengthen current figures. The more geo-figures there are in your squad, the more bonuses Gorou can offer.

Both of these new characters can also be helpful when collecting resources. Itto’s exploration talent “Log Splitter” increases the chance of getting an extra piece of wood, and Gorou’s talent “Glimmering Glare” can show the location of nearby resources on the minimap, which is only available in Inazuma. You can learn more about them by completing Itto’s Legend Mission or Gorou’s Invitation Event. The Beidou Invitation Event will also be available at the same time.

In addition to the new characters, you will also have the chance to recruit Albedo and Eula in the early stages of version 2.3. Two figure action prayers will be available at the same time as Albedo and Eula both queue up again, sharing the 5-star object draw guarantee for the number of prayers. This is followed by an action prayer for Arataki Itto and Gorou.

Our preview for version 2.3 has ended for the time being, but more friends, stories and adventures are waiting for you in the world of Teyvat. We wish you to see you again soon on the Drachengrat!


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